I thought of writing about this movie and I left it half way out. I saw this movie two years back and whenever I see this movie I get new interpretation. This movie is simple and minimal. The number of actors who appear in the screen is around 5 and in that three of them have less than 5 minutes of appearance. The movie revolves only around two leading ladies, an actor and a nurse. The story is the Actor suddenly stops talking and she is brought to a hospital for treatment, and so a nurse is appointed to cure her and they both were sent to a private cottage. The rest forms the movie.

The story is damn simple that we are unable to understand it in the single watch. Persona, as the name signifies the persona of characters. In the beginning I told that, I tried on writing about the movie but I am unable to complete. But now I felt of writing this due to the reason that I am able see the persona’s in real life and people consider their persona as their real self. Yes, I am talking about the 12th result.

In the movie the nurse who is fascinated by the life of the actor at an instance becomes her. The nurse is fascinated by the fantasy world of the actor, the enjoyment and the status she gets. The actor who falls as a prey to the persona of a Star out of the passion for that persona feels bad as the unable to be manage her real part. She is good at her persona but she fails as a mother, as a wife feels for that and makes herself mute. The nurse staying with her who is fascinated by her status and the fantasy over time becomes her. At last when the husband of the actor come he thinks nurse as his wife this is the changeover. The nurse’s persona is now of the actor’s real life. The nurse becomes the actor without even knowing and then she accepts the persona. The point is not the nurse changes because of the admiration of the actor but the actor makes her to change so, as she wants to give her son a mom and her husband a wife. She wants to give them a woman who cares for them and never cares for her beauty. She wants to give them a woman who gives more importance to family than of her career. This forms the story of the movie persona. I am extremely sorry for the spoilers; even then you have a lot to notice in the movie.

Just like the movie, today there are two big persona’s people wish their children need to wear called Doctor and Engineer. They think that these two are the only personas that are worth of wearing to project them in this world. They are sure that these two personas can only reflect and project their kids as a respectable one in this universe. They forget one thing that as human we also have the choice not to wear a persona and project our real self too. If a person chooses to wear a persona then it’s his choice, if he wants to project as his real self that is his choice too. The persona is actually a person’s wish to project himself/herself to the world and but what is happening is there few people are deciding the pre designed projection and trying to make it the only projections available. It is just like making few models of mobile alone available in the market and giving an opportunity to choose within the available models and telling it as a freedom to choose. It is not the student’s mistake to what they have become but the case that they have made to become so. The students are in just like the nurse above people says that she has become due to admiration but she has become the actor because the actor wanted her to become, this is exactly fits for our students too. I am not qualified to advice our students or suggest them but as a victim just like above mentioned students, it’s my cry out of frustration. 


  1. "...The persona is actually a person’s wish to project himself/herself to the world..." +1

  2. Nice post. yes, mostly what happens now is, parents do not provide children with all the choices. They narrow down on the choices and select what is good for their children and force them to oblige or give them choices which are like choosing the best of the worst.


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