Valentine's Day

This is day is a special day to every teenager and everyone who is in love. This single day made the whole month of February, the month of love. The romanticism of this month makes even a novice to a scholar. First week of this month gives courage to a person to start up the conversation or at least to write a poem. The whole week goes on day dreaming about the moments that’s about to happen (hopefully). The next week the conversation goes on if it has been started a week ago, or else it starts now. This week the conversation goes on as a just like that conversation. But inside the heart the beats can even make a rock concert of their own. Then comes the end of the days (of course its Feb 14). Now the question comes to one’s mind, who to propose? Should I wait or should I advance? These questions are unanswerable to me or any youth like me.

Now the guy or the girl has to make an important decision of their life. Either to commit or let it go, either to accept or to deny, either to engage or to disengage (common I’m a mechanical engineering student). This decision is mostly based on their sudden instinct. One cannot rationalize the decision they made at a particular time, although this may suit to any situation romance is a perfect situation to the T. The decision made is not their life but it forms a part of their life. First break up or commitment determines the character of a person for the rest his/her life. The first love may be an infatuation but it is still called first love rather than infatuation (Crushes apart) as the person remembers the situation which changed his/her life.
Love is not about the likes and dislikes but rather the life itself. But to my feeble knowledge the love has to acquire you to achieve the destiny. Once you find your destiny, then love takes cares of it. The love I mentioned above also suits beyond human love. Yes, love between human is inevitable and it forms the veins of the life forms, but beyond it also the love extends. This forms the specialty of the Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens are the only species which can extend the love beyond its species and not only in species but also in many other immaterial. The materialistic love is different and I don’t want to go into that chapter as it drags me away from my subject.

This love towards various immaterial varies to a greater extent from understanding humanity to understanding eternity. The unexplainable philosophy of love is remembered throughout this month (hope it prevails over the other 11 months too). The love spreading in air should be the reason for the peace, not the reason for the war.

P.S :: I too can write a post on love. J J

P.P.S:: first time I tried to touch the nose straight, not round the neck. J J


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