Meagaman - A Hollywood Action movie

The title Meagaman itself was unique and curious to make me watch. The title Meagaman means Stirrer of the ship/ Sailor/ Captain of the ship. The movie was directed by Magilzh Thirumeni, the man who directed Thadayara Thaakka. He is very clear from the victory of his previous movie that what is expected from him.  In this movie he made it in a clearer way although he has to compromise a little for the so called commercial value. The movie stars Arya, Ramana, Ashutosh Rana and Hansika. The latter is the commercial compromise I was talking about. After the sleeper hit of Thadayara Thaakka, the director has followed the same strategy with this movie also.

The movie is cop story. I would like to discuss more about the story but that will actually dilutes the purpose of the movie. For this movie the director have done a lot of homework. One can see his work onscreen and no one is needed to explain it to the audience. The victory of the movie and of the director is to make a movie in a way he intended to make. The action sequences are cleverly conceived and the underlying theme actually suits the title. Once you able to watch the scenes keenly, remember the locations and dialogues clearly you can understand the relation between the title and the story. This is a good thing to be appreciated .Movies like this to be watched in theatres and it is the most required appreciation for the movie makers to supply the demand. Demanding good movies and not buying imbalances the equation prevents from making a good movie.

The title was released followed by a teaser only featuring Arya. Till I entered the screen after the first week I was not aware of the presence of Hansika in the movie. He was clear in positioning the movie to the right audience. The trailer itself portrayed the violent nature of the movie pretty well and absence of any love stuff. Although the movie contains the usual stupid heroine and unnecessary love stuffs which kind of hindered the otherwise fast screenplay. The movie even after having a mainstream crowd pleaser hero like Arya tried to stay with low promotions as possible prior to its release. The movie had no hype, no big promotions in the TV shows, not many advertisements either. Once the movie got released then only the advertisements came into the picture.

The release of the movie established a good ground for the team. The first week moviegoers were the people who expected another Thadayara Thaaka or a decent action film. They were pleased by the fast paced screenplay and good action scenes. The performances in the movie just filled what was necessary to the story. Ashutosh Rana and Ashish Vidyarthi in particular did very well. This is a good step for Arya too in his career as an action hero. This movie had its base from the people who watches Hollywood action flicks and people who seeks for a good action flicks which doesn’t actually requires your brain to throw away. Their target was catered through social media promotions and word of mouth promotions. That actually rewarded them more and the movie is considered to be a hit to the director. It has been a while in Tamil cinema for an action flick which was good enough to see in big screen. 


  1. I want to watch this movie (due to recommendation from multiple bloggers, including you) and Pisasu. Hopefully next week :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Gopal ji write more about films.. expecting Ambala review soon.

    1. Yaa sure ji, will write more about movies ji. AAMBALA review ?? innum naan vera eluthauma ??

  3. இன்னும் பார்க்கல... ஒரு தியேட்டர் டவுன்லோட் இருக்கு... பட், என்னமோ லேப்டாப்'ல பார்க்க தோணல... இங்க மும்பைல, தியேட்டர்'ல ரெலீஸ் ஆகல...


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