"This is my short story, Shankar is a fictional character. "
I just thought of writing it as a personal note but then I felt that it is of no use on writing it as a personal frustration note and I am going to suicide so what is the use of it? A person writes a note either to remind later or to let us others know what he wishes to convey. If I am going to suicide then the first option is gone so I have to write it for the second reason, so if I write and kept in my pocket and while committing suicide then this fucking world will cremate my note along with my fucking body and I don’t want to do that, so I am writing in my blog and sharing the link in my Facebook page, I will post it in all my groups and like it. The rest will be the world’s decision. I apologize to my readers in advance for not answering your queries in future as I won’t be there to read and answer your queries. Read it carefully for the soul which would have left the body of Shankar, while you reading this post.

I got the thought to commit suicide not because of the love failure. As the love failure is not a problem today. A boy like me bearing ugly hair and beautiful brain is ignored by the girls who just have beautiful hair and not even ugly brain inside, so it is waste of time to write something for the sake of girls. One of my friend said, shortest and most dangerous suicide note given by a boy to a girl is “I LOVE YOU”. I am one those who thinks love sucks. I am not committing suicide because I have an arrear in Thermodynamics. To be more frank if you have an arrear in thermodynamics you have to be proud of it than any other thing as a movie admirer I strongly believe in the fact that, “If a person is in an engineering college and having a dream on movies his first symptom is that his arrear starts with thermodynamics only” and example of the above is many and I am sure you people know it very well than me. I am not committing this suicide because of the sexual harassment in class room, yes, believe me guys even boys are sexually harassed. This type of harassment is not famous as female harassment due to marketing reasons. Female harassment news is often shown in media because it increases the rating of the program, thanks to voyeuristic majority.  It is not even due to watching movies like velayudham and 7aum arivu. It is a dumbest reason ever to say for a noble attempt like suicide. It is not for the reason that Anna library will be shifted. As we don’t care about intellectuals in our country, it is possibly the best way to keep them out of the country and develop an idea in the minds of the youngsters that they can only get a degree here. It is not for the reason that the nuclear power project in the koodankulam is a great threat. If I am dying for the sake of shutting it down and someone else may die to open it and the government may remain silent as usual. It is not for the reason that I have become a Facebook addict. It is not for the reason that, I am frustrated by failures nor I am tired of success. It is not for the reason that no one reads my blog. It is not for the reason that I lost my confidence to live. It is not even due to my pseudo or real guilt. The reason is not also for the mass murder of Tamils in Sri Lanka, nor for the sake of inception of Tamil Eelam.
If these are not for the reason then why am I saying all this? This will be the first question in your mind. I just want my death to be another natural death. I don’t want my death to be utilized by the pro and anti-activists of the above reasons. I am not interested in becoming a fake hero after my death. I don’t want my death to become a root of more evil. I want to die in peace. Thank you every one for reading my suicide note.



  1. This is just a fictional short story guys...

    1. It is not for the sake of commenting, really gud note. *peace*

    2. Thank you, the comment mean a lot to me.

  2. nice work. i liked this post. but stil i didnt get why wish to suicide in peace,no reason den why want to give up life.. as i heared tat suicide is a stupid thing to do and even god wil not respect this.
    i have seen ppl doing suicide for different reason as you mentioned. i feel its a stupid thing to do by cutting themself from world..
    Den why suicide in peace????

  3. sujata.parthasarathyApril 10, 2012 at 3:34 PM

    suicide is the abrupt end of a peaceless mind.The reason that is mentioned in the 'note'contradicts this principle. great writting.keep it up

  4. lovely note.. <3,,, very strong imagination... superhuman brain...


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