Personal Hygiene

I thought of writing a column about public and self hygiene. This idea stroked me when I was travelling from vandalur to tambaram in a bus to purchase a book for me. The bus started at 8 am, I too started to write in a note book I carry with me. When I wrote my first word the bus stopped due to excess heat caused by the engine. Driver went to bring some coolant. I coughed at my best and wrote in my note avoid sitting near driver’s seat, if it occurs get as soon as possible. But I didn’t move anywhere.
Then the bus started moving with exerting a huge amount gas from its silencer. Now I wrote don’t sit at window seat as the gas waste from silencer causes harm to your health. But I didn’t move from the window seat, I felt it was entertaining. Then I felt to write about foods, the bus stopped at tambaram. I bought a vada there in tambaram bus stop and wrote that, don’t buy edibles in bus stops. Then I thought I should follow the things before I write. But I have to write something so I am writing the events (hmmm …, now I am satisfied that I wrote something , which is true…)


  1. read all ur scribblings .. it wasnt lik scribbling.. all wre amazing... a kind of pleasing sarcasm.. congo... u keep writing.. u have a great go... u can is wat i wanna cnvey.. nice..


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