This Friday I saw a movie called “Clash of the titans”, it was a remake of a 1981 cult of the same name. The movie is a Greek epic in 3D, the 3D experience was great. Although the story was not impressive the special effects was fascinating. I wondered on some facts in the movie. It was the relation between the Greek and Indian gods.
According to Greek mythology Zeus is the lightning god. He loves people to worship him, he is more fond of women, betrayed his brother and sent him underworld. According to Hindu mythology lord Indra is the god of lightning, thunder, rain etc., he too loves worship , he had many wives, he too betrayed his brothers and sent them underworld(Asuras are considered as brothers of Devas). Even after all their cheap activities people worshipped them.
I wondered not about the worshipping of people but the thoughts of two varied race at two ends of the world depicted a same character with same characteristics. This shows that all the people are same. We are not different from one another, only the environment altered us a little.