Now a days, the dubbing movies getting the attention of Tamil viewers. The collection these movies are leading the collection of the original products from the industry. The distributors are enjoying the minimum guarantee by distributing the dubbed version of other language movies. This is a good sign to the producers but the thing which hurts the movie goers is the distributors advertise the movie as if they have produced the movie. The audience of “C” centres may not know about the real producer and audience of “A” centres won’t even know about the dubbed version. The “B” centre audiences are the people who, knows about the both versions. Many producers while promoting their next film they are using the words, “FROM THE MAKERS OF...” this will really hurts the person who knows the reality. The original producer of the movie isn’t aware of this promotion.
A person makes the film with lots of effort, with dedication and by crossing a lot of hurdles. But the distributors pay not even one fourth of the work or money spend by the producer, and gets all his credits. This is not fair if the same is repeated by someone will the producer accept?
Another form of steeling the credits is ripping a story form a foreign language film and promoting as if the script written originally by the writer. Don’t they feel ashamed of their act?