In this post I am going to write about a movie called, “the shining”. The movie was released at 1980. It is a horror movie. Although many horror movies frighten us by showing some strange images, the movie stands out in that aspect. Very few strange images are shown. The fact that makes the movie worth watch is the haunting music, excellent camera work, mind boggling performance and of all outstanding direction. I admire the director of the movie for his wonderful job. This is one of the best horror flicks, I have ever watched. Really I enjoyed he movie a lot. The lead actors jack Nicholson has done a great job, as usual. The special thing about the movie is that, it will frighten you by showing normal incidents in different angle and with a haunting background score. If you are a horror fan try this movie. I am just sharing my experience. If your view differed, then post me your views.