Once there was a saying, face is the index of the mind. But today facebook is the index of the mind. Facebook, twitter and orkut are ruling the social networking in India. How it became the super power, what is the secret behind the super success?
The primary reason for people to fall for these sites, are the curiosity to know about others. And to show our work updates regularly to others. People who like to show their activities openly to everyone get connected to these networking sites. Also the peer pressure is another factor which makes one to enter the social networking sites.
The social networking sites have a lot of conservative things. One can find an activity partner. One can get help from a distant on various topics. One can search for a person through these sites very easily, which is nearly impossible in the real world.
Entering these sites had become a trend, so the people who are not interested also enter as to follow the trend. As soon as they enter the site they are fascinated by the stuffs in it. It is now reducing the direct contact between the friends and relations. A brother wishes his sister through facebook rather than wishing directly. Soon the fascination of the site would become addiction. The networking sites are created to expand the contact, but really it is reducing the distance within a system. Here the purpose of the site is failed. Anyway the social networking has both positive and negative points, so the usage of the people decides the goodness or badness of the social networks.


  1. Ya correct. In the social networking sites we can find many persons, get contact with them, get ideas, and so on. But the recent news is that a man from madurai had cheated a manager of film company and got ten thousand from him saying that he works in a film graphics company. But he is a fraud. And arrested by police. So we must be careful with these sites


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