Himesh reshammiya

Last week i listen to the songs of "kajraare". It was a comeback album for himesh. Everyone thought he'll recreate the magic, instead he recreated the tunes. Everyone knows that himesh is a big fan of rahman. To show that to every people he uses rahman's style of using his own tunes of other language to hindi. But himesh used his hindi tunes to another hindi movie. Basically his fans are very good, that they still have a belief in him that he'll give some good tunes, and if he gave some stupid croning tunes they'll say its good. Because still they like him. So my kind request to himesh bhai is that , many people will listen your tunes even if they're bad. So atleast for their sake please give good tunes. By doing this you are not only fooling your fans also fooling yourself. I expect you'll one day recreate the magic not and we want our own himesh bhai back with real bang. .