Yesterday I went to Besant nagar beach with my cousins, although ii am not interested in wasting time in seeing the stupidity in the beach, I was compelled to come there so that I could enjoy a bit. But really anyone won’t like what I enjoy. Anyway without any choice I have to enter the beach. At the entrance of mine the waves came with large force than usual. The people who stood there also came back a step, thought that even the sea doesn’t like me to come. But cousin likes me to come, so I had to go. So according to Hindu mythology Pancha Bhoothaas, the five sources of nature are regarded as God. Among that water said is opposition. Next we crossed some shops on the beach, which were mobile shops. In that one was a corn shop. They were selling roasted corn. They roasted in a manner that the flames were flying over me and saying stop entering further. But even then I went further as my cousin moved. The air was also in opposite direction so it resisted out walking speed. We moved further even then. Then I decided to enjoy the situation by taking photos of the nature, while many were enjoying their natural feelings with their partners. I was keen on catching a picture of dangling wave in my camera mobile. But the respectable people who engaged me are not interested in it. So they asked me enjoy the beach and not waste time in taking photos. Then as usual without choice I had to close the camera and keep it safe in my pocket. I was totally bored as it was 7.00pm so there wasn’t much light. People around us enjoyed the darkness while people like me were sitting simply without enjoying their enjoyment visually. As the time passed everyone’s stomach asked for their enjoyment. So we went to a nearby hotel. There was a long queue in that hotel. And we were asked to give the name to the restaurant staff and had to mention the number of person. They called us after some time. We entered the restaurant and ordered idly. I would never eat idly in hotel as it can be made in home too. But the respectable people who engaged me asked my choice after ordering to the server. Then the next item ordered was dosa, which is very common in my home. So I thought of ordering some special of a kind and ordered butter roast. And the item too came for all of us. The respectable and caring people who engaged me were unable to complete the first round of idly even. They completed it after a long struggle and entered the second round of dosa in vain. All of them stuck in half the dosa. I reduced the phase of my eating so that I could join them at least in this. But it also went in vain. They stood up and decided to throw away the remaining half. I liked the item very much. So I said them to wait for some time so that I will try to complete it. They thought of me in their perception and said not to compel myself to complete the food and they asked me to give up the food. So as usual without choice I stood up and washed my hands. At that time the chatnis in the plate looked like laughing at me. Then we got the bus and returned home. Everyone was happy. And then my aunt asked if everyone enjoyed. And the answers too came from my cousin and the question was asked to me. Yes I too enjoyed the trip to beach. Then I remembered the things I have forgotten, I thought of starting a chapter in mathematical methods of science.
So on the whole I had to about the beach trip means, the beach bleached away my little brain for a while.


  1. I like the way you describe each force of nature opposing your path - water, fire, air and even the chutney laughs at you ! - Nice.


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