Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu

Tamil semmozhi maanadu (meet) was held at Coimbatore from 23rd to 27th June. What was the impact of the meet? Everyone wondered about its impact. It really had a lot of impact. The meet was really great. It was held to show the classical property of Tamil language. But the meet started with pure English without Tamil translation. It was to show that the strength of Tamils. Then cultural shows were held which included many folk arts of Tamil origin. The best of that most of the folk dances were danced to the western tines. This shows that our art can be transferred to any country. Then held a portion called Ariviyal Tamil (scientific applications of Tamil). It was really good topic. But only the topic was inspirational. The foremost Tamil scientist Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam was not even invited. Many good Tamil scientists were not honoured. So you may feel that like nothing had happened. But it’s not true.
The meet was mainly to show the power of DMK. All people who came praised only Mr.Karunanidhi, not the Tamil language. It was like a grand party meeting. At the old age kalaignar wanted everyone to praise him. But some people cannot be directly invited for praising him as actor Ajith made waves for that activity by the party members. So he was not sure of his rule over the other year, so he wants to conduct a meet to praise him at mega budget and conducted in the name of Tamil meet. We all know that no legal authorities concerning Tamil were involved in the meet. Anyway the meet gave some really good impacts to the people such as five days continuous holiday, free meals for people who attended the meeting for god’s sake and free bus travelling(as people wouldn’t come if its cost). Mr.Karunanidhi once again proved he is the master of freebies.


  1. Of course, no need to mention that 380 or 480 crores of us tax-payers money was spent in 5 days - which deserves to be a record (of wastefulness).

  2. I was messaged a few new things-
    i) Tamil medium students will be given preference for Govt. jobs
    ii) Everyone must sign only in Tamil from July 5
    Dunno how much of that is true...


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