God, the word is still a mystery. My friend says that i am a believer of God. But my parents are against, according to them I am a non believer of God. I wear the mark of Vishnu in my fore head every day. This makes my friends to believe me as believer of God. I don’t perform the daily rituals, this made my parents to believe the either. Whatever it may be, what really it is?, is the million dollar question. No one is ready to answer, as no one knows the answer. The God is created by human in order to save his own species. Yes it is really funny, human created an unknown in order to save himself from an unknown. But why should we believe in God?
The belief gives self confidence to the weak people. Most of the people won’t get confidence until they are supported by some. It is impossible for everyone to get a support , so they created an imaginary character to support them, which landed at God. It is not a big mistake in believing God, nor the rituals. Hence everyone has their own perception. They do the rituals so that it satisfies them. I do believe in God as it helps me supporting myself. But i don’t like to perform the rituals, which i don’t like. So still people are in confusion that, whether I am an atheist or not.
I am not in confusion, because i don’t want to classify myself. I just wanna do things what i like.