The Indian film industry is the biggest film industry over the world in terms of quantity. It is the industry which produces numerous films a year and retaining the top spot over years. But the quality of films is fading away gradually. When searched about the reason for, the reason for unbearable. Both the film makers and the spectators are the reason. When asked to a film maker he blames the audience, while if asked to a common man he blames the film maker for making a crap. They both don’t correlate with each. We have come across the situations which show it clearly about the present state. Some situations, I need to mention here to make this article a complete.
A young actor who made waves with his latest flick with a mechanical engineering director told to a weekly magazine that, he saw people yawning at theatres for the movie inception and most people went out even before the interval and these behaviours making Industrywallas to make good films. But the reality is really a shock; the movie inception has recorded the highest grosser in the city in competing with vernacular movies. So now audience can’t be blamed. The young actor also refused for a character role in the remake of the classic, comic movie “3 IDIOTS”, by saying stupid reasons. So whom to be blamed now?
The audiences are supporting new and innovative themes in movies. But the film makers are unaware of the potential of the audience. The Tamil audience have supported “Angaadi Theru” at the same time “INCEPTION” too. So it’s time for film makers to prove their potential. Will they prove them and re ignite the Indian films? Let’s wait for the result. As a spectator what else can we do?


  1. good one... i xpect few stuffs on common women or girls.. and factors about them... y not write about female involved in film industry?


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