I am my friend karthik went for a talent show and many of our friends came to cheer us up. All were satisfied by my performance except three people in the auditorium. They themselves called as jury. So without any option i had to move away. After the show my friends gave me an idea to make a video. I nodded my head instantaneously (it is my uniqueness, people who have seen me closely knows about it). So we sat on a day for the story discussion. Although I am the writer, i am not the producer so i have to discuss the story with the producers.
As my friends know of my talent, they told me write a spoof script. I told them that i would write a satirical script. They what it is? I explained that satire is a witty language used to convey insults or scorn. They replied it is known as spoof. Then i said spoof is a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way. Then they all asked the difference between both, as they find both the same.
In order to explain them i talked about the difference some more time. I said, a satire is a indirect spoof. If an event is spoofed and if it doesn’t mention a person directly then it is a satire. While we can say the spoof as a direct satire, all of them got confused. Then further i explained about it to them. I said that if u mock at a person before to him in an intention that he should understand that you are mocking him is called spoof. If u mock any without an intention of mocking is called satire.
After this they were not at all confused. Their minds were clear and finally zeroed at dropping the project. After reading this i too got a doubt that what is satire and spoof.