First of all my new year wishes to my friends, today we are entering the second decade of the 2000s. Today i watched the NEEYA NAANA program in Vijay Tv. In that they debated about commercial films and art house films. Most of the filmmakers itself were not sure about movies. They talked about money. A director said commercial movies are the biggest grosser, and realistic movies sucks at B.O. after that art house directors told that they can sell movies by sending to international film festivals. The debate went in that way.
My view on movies is totally against it. According to me movie is a fiction. we watch movies just not only to be entertained. Good movies are the movies, which shows the events in one’s perception coherently and keeps the audience engaged till the end title. It can be a real life incident, action whatever it is.
And i wish the movies to be smart, it should make the people to think. For example i would mention inception, the writer have worked more than a decade to write that story and audience should be attentive all the minute to feel the movie and enjoy the movie. So even a spectator should do some work to enjoy the movie.
Many mindless movies are released and they are shining at B.O too. But do those movies giving real entertainment? We are watching those movies as we have been made to see those kind of movies and told that slapstick and body language are alone the comical treat. I wont say that people is to be changed as i have no right to that, but the filmmakers can change the way so that our people too can get practised to some smart movies in our language.