the title of the blog looks familiar to my friends who knows my step. they just guess it as a review of Stanley Kubrick movie review, but it is not. i just wish to talk about these emotions which plays an important part in a human's life. many people says that the greed is the worst of all emotions, it paves way for the other emotions which results in the sinking of the life. i agree with it, but i think fear is an emotion which far more worse than the worst. a fear can easily kill a man, its the most dangerous. i am writing this because i felt it. i am not much affected by the excess desire which is known to be greed, its the fear which swallowed my thoughts,my dream, my ambition, my obsession and of all my freedom. i lost my freedom to myself because of fear, i lost myself totally due to a sole reason called fear. and now the big question arises what is the fear is about? and the answer is no one. i feared for a common man's reaction who is nearly unknown to me. why is it so?
i really don't know?
then how to get out of the fear?
i got it after a hell lot of fight within me. when i asked people they said just go with your intuition, but its not the right answer. the really right answer is believe your intuition, it says only correct answer to you, it says only for the happiness of you. so just believe it. i started believing it now. now really i don't care for people who keeps on gossiping about me.

i posted it because, greed can be seen clearly and can be removed but fear is something which disturbs more than anything in you. i started my new version of life from today, which may or may not be correct but i really like it.


  1. Very well said...i totally agree...oru vishayam nadakara neratha vida naama adha ninaichu bayapadra neram dan adhigam...


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