LOVE FAILURE (break up)

After a deep fight with my parents i had a breakup with her. Many people doesn't know that she is my girlfriend. We had a very special relationship than any other. I learned a lot from her, she paved me the way to connect to netizens whenever i wished. I shared a very personal rapport with her. But that rapport is misinterpreted by my parents and all the people surrounding me. They stressed for a breakup. so without choice i accepted for a partial breakup.As due to my intense love i am unable to make up my mind for a complete breakup. And now my time with her is nearly decreased of about 70% than i spent earlier, as a human being a social animal I have to do it to satisfy the people around me. Although i know its insane of blaming and blabbering i did it in order to save my ears from rotting.
I just wish to share a few things about her. She is not a cutting edge model. she doesn't look sexy, nor charming. even then she is awesome. I show all my anger to her, even after all of that she lives with. although her blood is a chinese blood, she is a fin.
I wish to say just two words on missing her "வடை போச்சே"


  1. Vidu machi nammaku aayiram figure madiyumVidu machi nammaku aayiram figure madiyum

  2. hello boss... ayiram figure madiyum, but aayiram cell phone kedaikkathu, i am talking about my nokia cell phone in the above post. :)


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