Yesterday, after having a brief argument/conversation with my cousin on giving respect to teachers I felt something bizarre in my mind. I am unable to figure out the thought going inside my mind. Even I tried to figure the thought by discussing the same topic with my mom, it went good and I got some results. This is the first time I felt happy after a hot conversation. The results I deduced were,
 People thinking that, if I question something, then I should have the knowledge in it. I am questioning only because I know it very well.
 If I question an elder then I am not a disciplined guy.
 I shouldn’t question the general functions, even if it has no base in believing the fact.
 Elders are thinking that the knowledge is directly proportional to age and the proportionality constant is always equal.
So what I am inferred from the above results is that, I shouldn’t talk to the people who aren’t ready to accept new views. The people whom I saw aren’t aware of the internal discipline, and they thinks that the external discipline is alone the sole discipline deciding a character of a man. These people need recognition from a recognized person to accept eccentric as genius. For example Feynman, he nearly slept with everybody in the Caltech. He never wasted a Vegas night by sleeping. Even then no one is there to say that he is an undisciplined guy. The reason is because he had internal discipline. He did the physics well. He enjoyed everything what he was doing. He even visited the strip club, because he liked it. Even Bohr had personal discussion with him, only because he won’t think of social niche when talking to person, he cares only for the subject. If you can talk with niceties and without a subject, then what is the point in talking? So I wish record my view.
Respect is not about saying sir, Mr. etc. , it is all about the respect we give to their words. It is not a matter of being diplomatic; it is the matter of being genuine. It is not a matter of external discipline; it is a matter of internal discipline. I really got the point of being invisible to the people who aren’t ready to see you. I am happy to be invisible to those people, rather than showing up and they establish that I don’t exist because they can’t see me.


  1. Very true...i have experienced this often...the problem with ppl is if u have a view against their view sply elders they think u r not disciplined head-weighted a days wat am doing is never express anyting to someone who dont have the capacity to accept others opinion n view...

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