Reservoir Dogs, Colours and Girls (2)

To read the previous part click here. In my last post I shared my view on pink. Now I am going to talk my view on white, brown and Yellow. The character of white in the movie Reservoir Dogs is played by Harvey Keitel. White represents purity according to human. But why purity is related to white? I think it may be because white is a colour obtained when an object reflects all the light falling on it, that the reflection is 100 percent while the absorption is 0 percent. While black is related to bad because of the same reason that it absorbs everything reflects nothing but it emits everything. I am sure my readers can understand the contextual meaning of reflection, emission and absorption. So the white and black always play the lead and the negative roles in the fantasy but you can’t find the white and black in reality, there is only brown and grey. So basically white has become a fantasy for people in real life. This fantasy creates a fascination for the colour to the people.

The next colour is brown. Brown related to dirtiness this can be perfectly seen through the opening sequence of the movie itself. Quentin Tarantino playing the role of Mr. Brown justified the colour. And then Mr. Yellow is another reflection of the relation of the yellow to the sickness. Then every colour has given its characteristics and it is laid off beautifully. But what I felt after analyzing the whole thing was the worst part of this post. After writing the first part of this post and the continuity till the previous I never felt bizarre about it. But when analyzing the post I felt more bizarre. You may think what is bizarre in this.

The whole colour differentiation looks like a form of discrimination to me. It no way different from the differentiating people based on the caste, creed and colour (here it's the colour of the skin), But what if actually the differentiation is present. It is there so only someone portrayed it in silver screen. At the end of the day, if you think you have found out the different types of colours in human then you are a discriminator. If you found out the different way of human reactions then you are a rationalist. So your character is in your approach to the subject, and I am unable to figure out that am I racist or rationalist. But whatever it may be, I wrote this post true to my heart. To say it in the language of colours, I may be yellow or grey or brown or white (I am sure, I am not) but I tried to project my true colour through this post.


  1. Good one. One of Tarantino's best films that I totally loved and watched I don't know how many times.

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