Reservoir Dogs, Colours and Girls

I watched the movie reservoir dogs a few times and I am much attracted by the opening sequence explaining the meaning of Madonna’s “like a virgin” song. I liked the movie to the core. Not just attracted by the screenplay, bloodshed and violence but the real meaning he portrayed through colours. I am sure I can’t explain the whole movie in a single post. So I try my best to share the things I noticed in the movie which is not given in any other sites to my knowledge. The reflection of colours by the characters named after it. First my attention went to Mr. Pink, Pink being stereotyped as a girlish colour, he shows his character to be more of a girlish. When I discussed about this to my friend, he said it gives a feminine feeling to a girl. But I disagreed with his opinion. I felt pink to be more of a girlish than feminine. So he argued that there is no difference between girlish and feminine. I felt that feminine is not just the measure of the mature girlish. But I am seeing still people who are feminine too using pink as a part of their projection. So this made sort of confusion in my argument with my friend. At this stage I am struck with feminine and girlish. Then I referred to some dictionaries, which said that feminine and girlish are just the difference in maturity of the character of women. But what is the relation of pink with both is the question I am searching for. I am sure of the answer but I was confident that I can deduce the result somehow. This conversation happened two years ago. Then my search for the colours in women (I am not a racist to search for their skin colour) begun. The travel was much costlier to me. I wanted the travel to be secret and it was until I reveal now. In the travel I deduced some result that, except the pink girls (once again not about the skin, the colour they like) 99% of the girls don’t reveal the colours they like or they belong actually. You may think what it is to do with the review of reservoir dogs. his colour comparison to the character is exactly the same to that of the reality. In this matter Quentin Tarantino crossed the borders.
Okay let’s go back to our discussion. So what does the pink represent and why?
I have a beautiful answer for that. White is considered as the purest form of colours and that is the reason we assumed the angels to be in white dress (only in India spirits are also using the same costume without copyrights from angels). But what is the purest form of human as there is no white in human; even the whites are not in pure white. The whites are classified into yellowish white and pinkish white. So the majority or the dominating people being the pinkish white, they took the secondary of white pinkish white (pink) as the purest form and not even giving chance for the yellow to conquer them this made them sick and it has become a sign of sickness. And brown as a sign of dirtiness. So now we have a big question that these stories are compiled then why it is happening in true all over the world. The explanation is same as the language; we created the language now the language speaking style tell us the kind of person. In the same way the characteristics of the people choose it's colour, not the person chooses the favourite colour. Some even after knowing their colour they opt to choose a different colour to give a different projection to the world. It can be done only by the people who know their true colour. So what is in it?
I found out the purpose of colours, but my primary question is all about pink. So people have decided that pink is a girlish colour. It is said because it is more nearer to human white. And a man wants his girl to be pure, so he chooses a pinky than other girl. So in order to get the best of a man for a girl is to show that she is the best of the girl as everyone wishes for the best. So a girl uses pink for a man. Does it make sense? Yes it is. This is for the girls who have the wrong idea about the pink. These people use pink for the above reason but original pink lovers are more childish. It is because child is the purest stage of human and pink is considered the purest form in human. And I wish to conclude about the pink now and later discuss about other colours and hair styles of women in my upcoming post.

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