I am posting it on Diwali day rather than enjoying with crackers and friends because I felt it to more important to express these view as soon as possible so that I won’t forget to materialize it. it may sound awkward but I felt like holding a big responsibility in my hand till I write this post, I felt relaxed and had a deep breathe only after I started writing this post. You will find the reason for it after reading this post.
Recently I had a conversation with my aunts regarding BHARANYASAM and after that I thought of knowing about the ritual in depth. At that time I found this blog .I found the post very much genuine and the explanation given by a person in comment was awesome and it dealt the subject in depth. So I liked it very much. Then much recently I heard the song “kun faaya kun” from the film Rockstar. To know the meaning of the song check this blogI am spell bounded by the music and went on to know the meaning of the song. Then I came to know about Sufism and read about it a bit. After reading about it I felt that Sufism is more related to that of Bharanyasam in vaishnavites according to my perspective.
I found these points as the goal of these philosophies.
                     Expecting nothing from the almighty.
                     Believing in single almighty.
                     Thanking the almighty for the life he has given.
                                          If he thinks and wants us to lead this life, then give the direction control to him.  
                                         Falling not in the trap of materialistic life.
                           To become a minimalist.
                           And above all to attain inner peace and experiencing the sensation of eternity (thanks                     to Freud).
If you just follow the ways itself you can attain the feeling of eternity. This is the ultimate aim of religion I hope. I said so because this is said to be the ultimate stage in both the religion, and so it should be the ultimate aim of the religion. After reading about these philosophies I really got an overview of the religion and it's philosophies. Once I felt that the Religions aren’t serving its purpose after reading Sigmund Freud’s Civilization and its discontents. But now I felt they are serving their purpose at least to an extent perfectly at its depths.
I hope I have discussed about Bharanyasam earlier in my blog, but now I got a really new idea about what it is. So after now I got the answer for the question why to do bharanyasam.
Bharanyasam is not about following certain rules and in order to attain moksha. According to my understanding it is the ultimate aim of the religion and it is nothing but experiencing the sensation of eternity. It can be attained only if a person relieves himself from the worldly pleasures and materialistic passion. So everyone like me has a question that if a person can experience the sensation of eternity without leaving these worldly pleasures. The people who experienced the sensation of eternity have left the worldly pleasures and they said it paved way for them to attain this sensation of eternity. And the worst part of it is, there are very few people in a religion to explain this to their followers. Most of the people who understood the meaning of it is not the Gurus or their leading disciples. I regret to say that even some gurus aren’t even aware of it, and blindly following the instruction rather than knowing its subtle meaning.


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