PI, Patterns and Seizure

Sometimes life becomes tedious of thinking and we find things happening in a stupendous manner. If we keep on trying to find the reason for the happening which may be beyond the scope of a person or beyond the scope of the species itself then it may not result in happy ending. This is the theme of the movie “PI”. When a person finds or tends to find beyond the scope of his species he has to stop or the nature will do it. This is the point explained in the movie written and directed by “Darren Aronofsky”.

This movie is something close to my heart and to be more frank, it is the movie which changed my life or changing my life. I have a characteristic of relating myself to the protagonist of the movie or a character in the movie which inspires me more. The problem of this is relating the surrealistic world to the reality isn’t a good thing which makes sense. The thinking and the ideas the writer projected in the movie inspired me to a greater extent and I loved the idea of pattern in life. Just a few months before watching the movie I was searching for patterns in my life and co incidentally I watched the movie and my imagination has gone beyond expectation and it just got its flight. It attained the maximum flight with minimum drag and hence there is no control over the movement of flight. The same kind of thing happens to a character in the movie, when a scientist nearly finds a pattern he suddenly got stroke. I too got epilepsy seizure on the day I found something substantial in my pattern works. But the thing I found is substantial or am I exaggerating my work or I am trying to relate my work in real world to a surrealistic world? These are the questions I had in my mind when I had been admitted in the hospital for the treatment.

In the act of relating the movie with myself I have missed out the essence of reviewing the movie. The point that movie says or tries to interpret is what I did in my real life and to be frank my ending of the story is nearly same as of the movie, let the pattern be there and I am just going to do my job. There is nothing going to happen on finding out the working principle or in other words its not that simple to find out the working of the universe. It is just like Feynman quoted once,"I think nature's imagination is so much greater than man's that she's never let us going to relax".

The diagnosis for the seizure is due to a virus formation in the brain which may be either due to tuberculoma or NCC(Cysticercosis, Cerebral granuloma ). These terms came as a surprise to me as I had to chance of being affected by these diseases, but the point I assumed is my substantial work has given me a seizure. Then during the treatment I got time to think, I got time to breathe. The time I got was really substantial. The thoughts which ran in my mind were much clearer than ever. I relaxed during the period and I am able to understand few things which I should have understood years ago. It changed me as a person.
The points I understood were
  •  A book is a book and a movie is just a movie.
  •  There is no point in relating a movie in the surrealistic world to that of reality and thinking yourself as a protagonist of your own movie.
  •  The movie says nothing but just gives a way of approach.
  •  There is higher power or there are things which are beyond our control and once we try to find the reason or the origin we cannot zeroed at any point it keeps on going.
  •  Surrealistic world is a world created in order to project the things which cannot be project in the frame of a real world.
  •  Every happening in the world has a reason and you cannot find the reason for those happenings, even if you tried you are not going to go anywhere.
  •  And of all the biggest point I learned is complexity is not an identity of intellectual.
  •  Simple is elegant, and elegance is beauty.


  1. its good//// and hopes u have arrived at better conclusion...

  2. Hi!!!!
    At last i derived an conclusion that trying for deriving a reason is impossible and it's like a chain relationship, if we try to derive reason for one thing then it has reason some other reason behind it. so it goes like a chain relationship.
    But, nothing is impossible without any reason every happening in this world and every one's life. The super power made us to know the reason for all reasons but that to has some reasons behind it.

    Well said, Don't Try to find reasons for all happenings,Every happening in the world has a reason and you cannot find the reason for those happenings, even if you tried you are not going to go anywhere.Simple is elegant, and elegance is beauty.

    Thanx for the post.

    Hope the post will change me to come out of finding and getting struck into reasons.


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