Unsung Heroes/ Enlightenment

The most resilient parasite (an idea) of social networking sites has paved way for the inception of the virtual world and it has created many advantages and disadvantages in a person’s life. We have come across many scams after the development of the virtual world and to be more frank it is like a nightmare to those who are unaware of the virtual world. So people think that these nightmares are helping a lot to stop the population in the virtual world but the real happening is the nightmare is creating an excitement and welcoming them to enter the virtual world.

In the virtual world there is no lack of scam but who are the real heroes of the scam is the question, who plays a vital role in the scam? There are a group of people who says that the victims are the person who plays the important role in the scam as they lose many things due to the scam. Once if their social ID is hacked then they lose their friends, they lose their image and many other things especially their privacy, their protection and after that incident they won’t be able to see any from the older view they had. The happenings will be sure a nightmare for them. To know the meaning of the real nightmare we have to see them, it is just like stranger in your bedroom.  The other scams like hate messages, threats and harassment are also affects the victims in a nearly equal manner.

The second group of people says that the harasser or the hacker is the real hero for the scam. And people please note the point that hero in the sense that they play the main role in the formation of the scam or beaming it big so please don’t mistake me as a scam supporter. Let me come back to the topic once again. The people who says the harasser as a hero of the scam says that if there is no harasser or the hacker there won’t be a problem at all. These people are the threat to the virtual world; they are making the world more vulnerable to attack.

But the title would have suggested you that there was other ones who would have a more important role and so they are the key players of the scam and they are the real heroes. They are the friends of the victims. If the hacker is found to be a friend of them then the hacker is left free and the friends are taken as prey. As the victims still afraid of the hacker or harasser they got the person to blame and they blow them double they had to blow the harasser/ hacker. Even is the harasser is not found to be a friend of any of them, they are affected because if the scam is not known to any of the friends it won’t become a scam at all. The victim will tell it to his/her friend and the friend starts to beam it like a balloon and the process of exaggeration starts from there by this way the problem becomes a scam. But when the scam is in the picture the friends are neglected either in a good role or bad role. They are affected indirectly in the either case. They play the role of the holly wood film directors who plays the pivotal role for making an Indian movie and the other two plays the Indian movie directors who says that the story is original. They are the real unsung heroes.


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