Post Office

Anger is big thing which creates a stir in one’s personality. The things we do in anger plays a pivotal role in deciding our own life. Being a short tempered person I used to be silent during my anger and I felt it was more harm than yelling as it created a stress in my mind. So I developed writing and transmit all my aggression in to words and I myself call it transgression J (now a days smileys playing a big role). So it is my stress buster but real thing getting affected by my anger is my key board, it is damn good that still all the keys are present in the key board. So always my writings portrays my anger and a small amount of so called satire in it(Of course I too can use satire, today people are using the words Puratchi, Realistic, Out of box so I am opting for satire and recently came to know Mr. Shankar Dayal too used this word Satire and intelligentsia for his wonderful movie).

 I recently read a novel called “Post Office” wriiten by Charles Bukowski. This says the story of Henry Chinaski, a man whose tale and how his life is bound to the post office and the fucking rules of post office. The above paragraph is to tell that, I used to yell at people in order to feel free(of course not in their face, not even behind, just with my MS word Document, J the diary has evolved into personal blog). The book tells about Henry how he sees the work in post office and it’s the anger which is seen all over the book. The Anger not in the sense of correcting the world kind or yelling at the imperfections of the universe thinking just the author being the sole perfect creature but in the sense of “F#@k off”. This is the unique feature of the book also letting us to know the inside world of post office. It won’t make you to feel pity for Chinaski, rather it says how the hell he did the job and care he did for the job. I am unable to control myself from thinking it as a movie made by our great makers of Kollywood. They would have made this character as a metaphor for Jesus and after the movie every audience would have cried on knowing the heavy burden Chinaski carried in him. While he dies the theatre should have been flooded with tears or else it won’t be a Tamil movie or else it won’t be called as realistic movie, nor they get a good ratings, nor they get awards nor even Mysskin talk about in any stage. I have heard a lot about Bukowski and this is my first novel of him, I am impressed by him a lot. I had a thought a long ago that how it would be for a beggar to think about his job and so on. This gave me an insight of it(not actually a begger but a different oneJ).

One thing I learnt from chatting is if you get a question and you don’t know an answer then please simply put a smiley( of all the emoticon smiley is the most used). and at several places I used smiley just to say that I am Youth.


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