Groundhog Day - A Day to live

So it’s been a long time I haven’t blogged. I was damn busy for nothing. I haven’t done anything worthwhile in the meantime but I can’t find time to blog or anything.

After a long gap of about a month I am back to my blog to write a post. In the mid time I was busy, if you ask me the question in what kind you are busy? I am speechless; it is because I don’t have a valid answer to say. The few reasons which I see from my own activity are facebooking, chatting, browsing about my Masters, searching for the right univ and right course to decide my life. On searching for all these and missing some of my most favourite works such as blogging, regular warm ups, even reading newspapers, I feel like if I can get a chance to go back to the day to complete and extend the day by around 48 hours. This is a general wish for all, and if it happens, what a man will do. This forms the story of the movie “Groundhog Day”. I accidentally watched the movie after a friend’s suggestion before which it slept in my hard disk for a very long time.

The story is about Phil Conners, a weather reporter who comes to Punxsutawney to cover the “Groundhog Day” and the day repeats over and over. At first he hates the day and as the time goes on he understands the meaning of life and uses his day perfect and tries his maximum to utilize the day. This is not just a comic movie, this movie has a soul. So writing a review for this movie for saying blab la attracted me and bla bla bla was master piece and only bla bla bla is alone the speed breaker in the movie doesn’t make sense at all here. This movie is all about a man’s choice to realize a chance given for him and more precisely understanding the way to express his love. You can’t categorize this movie as just a comedy nor a romcom, it has philosophical implications which everyone likes and everyone needs to understand. It is not a movie that says bla bla messages to live but rather it shows the meaning of a day’s life. This all tells about the movie. The time when he finds about the time loop, the reaction of Bill Murray as Phil is awesome and I watched it around 4 times for his acting alone. This movie takes you into a different world whenever you watch this, I experienced it a hell lot of times. So after watching it I nearly imagined that it will happen me at least a day so that I can change my mistakes around 1% which is a big achievement for me. Not only for me, if we are given a chance we will try the same as it will change something big in our life (but the greed plays a big role and we want to change 200% and may tend to use all the day for something which isn’t worth). But it never happened to me till now. And the life in the tedious day still continues.

So after watching the movie one will surely get a feel that why can’t I get a chance like that and it is the victory of the movie and feel goodness. The life in the fantasy world is always fascinating but once we start living in the fascinating fantasy world the reality bites us in a moment and awakes us from the fascinating fantasy. The same is happening to me as my  phone is ringing and just now I remember the work I have to complete for tomorrow, according to my schedule I should have completed it at least two hours before.


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