On One [not] Fine day

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A tiny drop of water falls on my face which makes me awake. I am in the middle of nowhere. What I see is all nothing but a lining of Borassus flabellifers, which reminded me the way I was called in my school days by its common name, “the Palm Tree” due to my special spiked hairs which resembled the same. The palm tree lined like the soldiers on the two sides of the road welcoming a great man. And it was a honour for me to travel in that 30 feet road welcomed by my soldiers. I was walking alone in the road, like man with no name walking in the desert, but without that cowboy suit and a gun and the worst part is not even without my android companion. Now its Sergio Leone’s long shot so there won’t be anybody else for a long time and it happened in the same way.

After a long time I saw a man in a cycle carrying my favourite palm fruit along with its juice. I checked my pocket for money and by god’s grace I had a few, I bought a few so that I don’t want to play hunger game in the future. I bought without even asking about the place or anything because of the thirst. When he left place, I remembered the no man’s land had a man and I missed him too. So now I further walked and walked till I saw a hut and few brick houses. It looked like a furnaces and it was a brick furnace.  Then on further travelling I am able to see pots and pots and more of pots, but no men.  So I am unable to walk further on seeing those pots. It was the best pots I saw in life, few pots

 I am unable to differentiate with an instrument Gadam. The craft was at its best, for a city guy like me, watching art at its own place was a like a heaven. But at the same time the place didn’t had a name board for the shop (I doubt even if it’s a shop). Then I moved further in search of a man or a living creature at least.  The walk extended for an hour, with once again the same old palm soldiers honouring the genius.
Then at last a board came into my sight, and I expected it to be the board terming the distance but “mariamman” looted it to me without telling me the name of the place and now a feeling of panic came in my mind and Gastric juices begin to stir the feel in the stomach. So I understood the game by someone or at least my perception of game by someone. So I decided not to ask name of the place to anyone(even if I see them). At last I saw the entrance where a railway crossing is present and from there a way ending at the houses.

I went on to explore it further. There was a temple named “Anandha valli Amman” temple. And it is a Shiva temple, I went in to there and the place gave me a peace of mind. Then I watched for clues in there, even the “Upayam”(Donors) holders didn’t mentioned their village name, too good of them to see but it was a pain for me. So hailed the game designer and said a big good bye to the temple and to the people there and moved further but a sudden click in my mind came after reading the name “Somanathar” the name of the Shiva in there. So I guessed it must down south in Tamil Nadu. Just as I exit from the temple Somanath gave me a big clue in the name board near the bank telling "River Vaigai". So the place is in down south and it has to be somewhere near Madurai, which I am not aware of.

I am confident now and tried to explore more, and the first thing I saw is the two banks of the village separated by the holy Vaigai river, of course the special characteristics I heard about Vaigai is that you can’t see the river easily and it proved me the same. I was walking in the Vaigai river to reach the other bank and to my surprise the Gadams and Pots are sold only there and their manufacturing cell is the place I visited earlier. Then I am unable to control my curiosity to talk to those people and their crafts so I decided not to ask them about the name of the village but talk about other things. They were the artists and when I heard about the payment given for the gadams I had a real shock, it was too little when compared to the rate it is sold in the shops.

So another point I learnt is that, the village is the leading makers of Pots and Gadams. Now I had many clues and it was also evident from their speech that they are the symbols of Pandiya Nadu (Southern Tamil Nadu) for their clear diction in Tamil and the proper usage of the language.
Then I further walked and saw a church, I never expected that to be that big and that old at that village. So I learnt that it had a strong culture. Due to the popularity of the usage of the Cult, I too want to give the village a “cult” status. So I walked further learning that on the whole it is not a small village, it is a Cult village which I am not aware of at all and I am exhausted and unable to explore further and the place I reached was railway station.

It had a board “Manamadurai Junction Welcomes you”. 


  1. machi nejamalae poniya da... adhu sari epa android phone vangina

  2. my comment was published??? what comment was published!! :D

    All right so .. lovely lovely post Gopal, reminds me of yesteryears when I used to go to my village and have oodles of palm fruit or nungu, hmm slurp!!

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