Grief Regarding Education

After the starting of my Tamil blog under the name “AARVAKOLAARU” this is my first post in my English blog. Although my Tamil blog is one post older, I say it like I am blogging for a long time. This is a high time where the final year students like me will be busy in grabbing the places available from various companies to settle themselves and make sure of their future. There are the other set of the students who are very much conscious on their higher studies and consciously preparing for their GATEway to their future or to CATch the train to their further journey, there are also GREat people who are thinking beyond.

This post is nothing but my Grief Regarding Education being sold out and due to this business the artistic and thirst of knowledge being ignored as a waste of time. I may be wrong or in fact I want myself to be wrong this time as my fighting spirits are slowing down and I wanted to light it up this time. I was also one of the GREeat people who wanted to think beyond, but unfortunately I lost the GREatness to be frank I missed the GREatness itself. So once a great man said, “Leave it and move, there is no point in doing the post mortem”. So considering his advice I stop here and trying myself to forget the past and look beyond but the problem I don’t have the Neuralyzer to erase.

Managing these issues is turning me towards management. I am happy that these issues are not turning me away rather than turning me on. Managing issues is a big problem unless we consider it as an issue. So now the mokka philosophy is over and I am trying to make it to the point. The point is I lost track of the trail in which I was travelling and now what I see is the blank and as usual like a AAM ADMI, I was panicked and I am writing this post to say that AAL IS WELL.

The whole point is that, I failed to CATch the spirit to attain the GREatness and I chose the wrong GATEway to success I still have the hope to MATch the competition.

P.S: Plz do read this only if you don’t have anything worth to read.


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