Me, Myself and Music

I thought of writing about music for a long time ago. Yes usually I will start off with these words just to show off that like I am big genius who has everything in mind and has no time to write and this is called nothing but lionizing myself. Hmm what to do, when no one lionizes you until you become famous, lionize yourself: thanks to the Power Star. Ok let me try to go back to the point of the post. Recently I am not watching much movies (oh!!! A great medical miracle…) and my interest turned towards music (left turn or right turn). I started listening to the rock songs from the inspiration of hearing the guitar play of my cousin.

So my first experience with English (yes till that only Tamil and Hindi) started with classics even without knowing it is classics and all the further songs are random songs. Hotel California is my first song and still is fresh in my mind. Then I heard the song show me the meaning by backstreet boys. It was during my first year and then on I never heard a pop and of course MJ is the exception not an exception. Then I heard the stairway to heaven of Led Zeppelin. For a long time I was not even aware that Hotel California is a song by Eagles and it is not the name of the band.  Then slowly my interested went on and I am not even aware of neither the songs nor the bands and my musical journey went in a pathetic way.

Then my journey continued to explore Rahman, I didn’t expect I would become so much interested to his music as once I was the yelling group of Rahman for no reason. Then Eagles, The Beatles and even I listened to a song of The Stranglers. It was soothing to my ears. The music exploration of mine was not rigorous then, it was smooth and I randomly heard the songs. And of all I hated the metal, it sounded me as a noise. All of the sudden it changed when I heard the song Fear of the Dark. This was my first metal and then on I heard Metallica, Led Zep, Opeth, SOAD and so on.

So once again I come to the big question of what I have written so far or what I am going to write in this post. The answer is I don’t know. This is what I felt on listening to music, I usually start listening to music when I am depressed and after a while my mind changes and I will be in peace. Then I started listen to music to enjoy rather than using it as just a depression therapy and that is the time I am able to understand the beauty of the metal. I am unable to explain all in this post and in coming post I will say more about Rock, Led Zep, Metallica, and Hendrix and of all an important point to be noted I am just a beginner.