Uniform Education- National Curriculum

A nation should require all of its student to study the same national curriculum until they enter the college. This statement seems like giving a good standard of uniform education to all of its students, but the problem with this is plan is that the students won't be having a choice until they reach the college. Viewing this plan from onwe prespective gives an illusion of gibes uniform education to all of its citizens. The equality of education is a must, but the are of interest plays an significant role in it.

During school days a student should get exposed to all of the education, but at the same time he should given a choice to choose his own. IQ level of the children also plays a major role. considering the situation where a child whose IQ level is about 140 who can be named as a genius will be learning at the same curriculum of the child with IQ level below 90. If the curriculum is framed based on the former one then it would be a tough one even to get some knowledge for the latter one. On the other hand if it is framed based on the latter one then the schooloing doesn't even makes sense for the former one. This forms the primary problem for uniform curriculum.

The second flaw is that passion and interest. Consider the case where a child is interested in Film Studies, and for that he has to study Physics and Chemistry and he can join in a college only if he clears his Physics and Chemistry with good grades. This part is more tedious than that of the part in the previous part. Once the passion has become cold then there is no point in providing education. The education has to kindle the passion rather the degrade the emotions of the student.

Of all the above the important point is that passion of the child has to be identified perfectly, once the uniform curriculum is established there wont be a possibility for a child to identify the passion. It emphasizes on certain areas which are given the same importance through out. This restricts not only the growth of the mind but rather the growth of the country.

And hence from all the above points i wish to conclude that , uniform education shouldn't be established. The uniform education looks like a gem but it isn't. This may looks like a leap of faith, but this Olympian leap is not for a common man.
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