Lots and lots of mosquitoes...

I haven’t written in days about some sensitive issue  and I am bored of being an armchair philosopher on these issues. After reading a lot of blog posts in various sites I am unable to control myself from writing here. Few things and perspectives of the decisions(actually judgment) made by the viewers or the audience or 

citizens of India are like this
Cut the dick if it’s erected.
Ask her to cover her fucking body.
Who the fuck is men to ask us to cover, ask him to cover his fucking eye.
Castrate them.

And it goes on. My thoughts when reading all the above and additional types of judgment by the so called virtual citizens who loves and even fucks through the internet and not even step out for a coffee are blasting the people. And treating all men as a “rapist” and loathing them in the name of supporting the cause. I really pity the poor girl who lost her life in the worst incident and people making the even this a media way to prove that they are interested in public welfare. Actually I also shouldn’t have written about this and this makes me one of them. Practically there is not much difference between them and me we both see the incident which is telecasted on TV and see what’s trending in twitter and post pictures on Facebook and comment and update the status, change the profile picture and after all this go to house yell at my mom and beat my wife and ask her to do household and the I am too a rationalist or if I am a girl then do the above except not having a wife not doing any work in the name of household chores nor any housework at all and keep a maid for everything and I am too a social activist if nothing else work common there is always celebrities who keeps on saying things and it is our duty to support or oppose by wasting all our precious time by helping them to establish a place in the stardom and make a big star so then we can fight big. And of all we care about only the media sensation or the virtual network sensation. We say sorry to the rape victim and we pledge not to do so or stuff like that in the social media to show the fucking world that we are aware of the situation and we can react to that and we can even talk like we are responsible and we are well trained by our politicians to act well or the actors and politicians are one and the same. There are also many rapes occurring in the city where protests occur and media is not even noticing it and after the incident no changes are seen anywhere. There are really much people protesting out there to bring the law and I am really glad there are people out there too to fight and bring some real fucking change and there too some culprits entering and spoiling the real protest of course the politicians plays the major and only role in spoiling game. 

We saw a lot of youth out there to support Anna Hazare for his antio corruption movement and they were not the same old politician dresses with white and simplicity but the well groomed youth who had the thirst to bring a change but now why there is no Hazares and Kejriwals to support them. There is lot of complaining is going on the case and people should change, people should do that and people should do this and all men are fuckers and those who attempt to rape should be castrated. But does any one cared about the men who tried to rescue her and no one even noticed them and they even gave the reason that he didn’t got that pain for 40 minutes he is fine, he just got injured that’s it it’s no big deal. If they saved some may have hailed him as hero but the media won’t let him to get the status and so it won’t be news at all. I am letting out my frustration of advising others by saying impractical things and saying lets change the world by updating a status its fucking irritating.