My Experiments with Hair

I have never written a word for any contest in blogging because I am the laziest ever to write a blog. This topic I am unable to control myself but the pity is I saw it just now. This is what I tried my whole life to get things straighten. My hair was spikey and I awfully tried to lose my spikey hair. One of the methods was to start from the beginning.
So here comes the first method and the name of the method is

Desi Mixer:

Grow hair to whatever length you want.  Try the mixture of Brylcreem and five drops normal hair oil. This mixture forms a diluted form of the brylcreem. The concentrated form may look to straighten but you will feel the pain only if you place the comb in your hair for the next time. Of course straighten doesn’t end with one time or at least we need our hair for the next day. This has to be applied at early morning and to make sure it gets dry a bit or else people will believe you got straight away from the shower without washing the hair. The important part in this you should be careful on using the comb. There is 90% possibility of comb to wipe out the precious Desi Mixture.

Iron Man:

Now the second method is to iron the hair. Here the problem with hair is we cannot use normal iron box to neatly iron the hair but rather use the old method we used to iron the shirts. We used to keep the shirts under the books and at morning it looks ironed. In the same way comb the hair as partly you wish (of course you can’t comb completely as it is the problem) You may try to straighten things in the middle of something. We always use to start things in the middle of something we don’t start things from the beginning. Go Bald and start to comb the hair from the beginning. Right from the zero dark hair start massaging and ironing the hair. Now at every night comb your hair and place in a position between the pillow so that it stands still.
Hair style 1- case 1 / Hair style 2- Recovering / At last Policeeeeee

Himesh Reshammiya :

This is the ultimate method and I want to dedicate it to my dear hottest Super Star “Himesh Bhai” he did it and showed to everybody. Either you can hold your hair tight or put a strap or cap in the respected straightening position. Now if you are driving pick a monkey cap or any tight cap and wear it or during the travel after at least an hour without removing it. Our people have the tendency to remove the cap soon and keep on touching their head as if someone has taken custody of. By practice you can eradicate that too. Cap also hides the hair which you don’t want to show and scalpssssssssss stays within the cover. Or you can even stay with cap always Himesh Bhai did it even when romancing and you can even take it further as our sole aim in straightening the….. Hair.
Pehle / Abb

And I am sure some of our friends are tired of these three tough methods, so for them the ultimate simple method named under my guru, the biggest super star of Tamil cinema the future Prime Minister our OLI VILAKKU

“Power Star Dr. Srinivasan”:

Just remove all your hairs. I am talking about the hair in the head which you wish to straighten and apply smoothening cream and wear a wig which is already straightened. Just make sure that the wig doesn’t fall apart.

This post is written for the “straight Hair Competition” by Indiblogger and Sunsilk. 

Thanks to the internet for donating me all the photographs.