Conversations with Lee

Auto fiction series starts here and I am going to write some crap in the name of happenings in my life which may not happened in my life. The word auto fiction is much more convenient for me to escape from 66A, making me an escapist. So what am I going to start the series about as I need a topic as it happened in my life. This one is about a dream that I had on republic day night. And I wish to entitle it as conversation with Bruce lee.

Bruce Lee: Hello dude, how are you.

ME: ya, I am great as usual, how about you. Are you in hell or heaven? I heard you are giving practice to many in hell as a part of your job. Even yama is getting training from you to be fit.

Lee: oh, these gossips are too much spreading and it even spreading to the earth. Ya, what you told is true to an extent. I cannot disclose full details as it highly confidential. But the son I can assure you that when you come here on either places you will have your privileges and see the changes from what you heard.

Me: Is that so? And why the privileges for me?

Lee: Its because of the book you are writing about me. I heard its coming out nice. And also Lord shiva and other requested you not to monetize the book rather publish in your blog and let people get the exposure to the treasure. As far as me you can do whatever you like.

Me: yes, I am working on a book on you. But how in earth you know about it?

Lee: hmmm, I am not in earth dear so in earth I don’t know. And the answer for your question is Jackie told me about it (NO NO NO NO not the Jackie you are thinking about it’s the not much known actor from shanghai).

Me: oh that’s great. I have seen his movies too. That guy has his own style, I like him too. But why suddenly you appeared in my dream. You knew that I am writing a book so you might have come before starting or on the completion as a part of proof reading. Your proof reading will help me a lot in improving the quality of the book. As you know that even Lord shiva is doing the same in helping in many here even to choose some people for various positions.

Lee: Oh man, I came because today was rest day and so we all the officials watched a prime time movie in your language that was advertised as a movie tribute to me. So I eagerly watched it and as I am dead I am unable to suicide further.

Me: I think you are talking about the movie called MUGAMOODI. That’s really terrible to hear from you.

Lee: I never touched alcohol in movies and the Kung fu doesn’t preach do so. And above of all that who is the man who wrote that it is a super hero movie. I really pity for the actors who believed in it and acted(?????).

Me: He is the one the best directors who used to make good movies and then started ripping off from other movies(Sorry sorry Tribute to world movies). Anyway please don’t that mistake again, you may even forget martial arts very soon and over a point of time you might forget that you are bruce lee and start believing it is someone.

Lee: I thought I practice the most deadly things. It made me understand that there are worst acts in the name of arts are prevailing in there. Now I am feeling hell is lot of non-violent space than what I experienced in there.  And after that I am unable to sleep so I heard about you from Jackie as I constantly talk to him in his dreams. He is the one of the person who still has respect for me.
Nice chatting with you man… bye.


  1. It's quite interesting read. Appreciate the plot you take for an auto fiction.


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