This new year my resolution was against my biggest ever problem called procrastination. Even I tried to burn it in the Bhogi and still it prevailed over the mattu pongal or kaanum pongal. The procrastination is not a problem with a simple solution to solve. Tackling the procrastination is my biggest trouble and I am directly facing it now. Now dealing with is not just like confronting the fear but to eradicate it. Confronting makes a person stable but also stagnant. The stale status of life gets one nowhere and results in the stupidest part of life of philistine nature. This word “procrastination” I got from the comic strip “piled higher and deeper” and it is then I understood the name of it which hanging in my life and eating my life. Procrastination is a parasite not a Symbian.

My recent Tamil post also talks about the Parasite occupation in my life which I thought to be Symbian. The difference took an awful lot of time to understand but on understanding the difference the parasite took a considerable amount of me. Now it is my turn to fight against the parasite to get out of it. This parasite which is a constant benefiter of the time scale, has a personal deal with the timeline of a person. The parasite can be compared to that of the oxymoronically named “Symbiant” of the Spiderman comics. So am dealing with this parasite analogous to the symbiant. This situation is not an exclusive situation to be dealt of but rather it is an usual situation where everybody crosses over the stagnancy and settle for the procrastination. This year the procrastination was not only a problem for me but it turned out to be a biggest ever fears for me to confront.
Confronting the fear is biggest dare ever for a person. Daring person can jump over the hills, cross the oceans or even sail through fire but cannot confront the procrastination easily as I experienced it myself. The food I gave to the parasite was so heavy and it worth a lots and lots. It ate everything I dreamt of, it ate everything I wanted to be, it ate my dreams, my so called destiny and a part of my brain too. Removing this parasite isn’t an easy job for me and I haven’t removed it yet. My first step towards it is to confront the presence of the parasite. Then the next step is to work towards eradicating it permanently rather than mashing it up with other cosmetic items. Cosmetic item covers but therapeutic item cures. I am longing for the cure and in case of this parasite just knowing the cure is easy and it is evident that it is the cure but the process of curing is the worst part. This post can be told as the real post dealing with my new year resolution which is nothing but be unprocastinated and minimal.

The second word minimal may look new to everybody and it is but I don’t want to be the person I used to be in the previous year. For this Bhogi I even cleared up my hard disk, the unwanted files and the files I regret to see. The whole point of this post and the resolution is that the next year resolution shouldn’t regret.