The Good, The Good and The Beautiful

This is the first post for the year 2013. Last year was a very important year to me as I got many friends through the social network, I should thank Zuckerberg for this. And at the same time I lost a comparatively lesser amount of friends through the same. Of course we can’t expect everybody to be friends and at the same time I am glad that I haven’t got any enemies, it’s all like either they stay or move away. Although I am glad for the people whom I got last year the moving of the friends shocked me as I never thought they would leave me. Virtual world and virtual friends are actually real friends as I learned and gained more love,
compassion and genuineness which I am unable to see from some so called real life friends. “If they want to move on let them move, don’t restrict or pressure them to accept your terms and conditions and at the same time don’t lose your stand on your wishes and likes be yourself and do what you like it may not bring success but you will like what you have done or tried”, this is what a wise man told to me last year. I got a lot of wise men and women last year as friends and they were not just armchair wise people. The progression towards the life is so unpredictable that you never know that when a person will stay or leave but the real joy is enjoying their company and that is the real meaning of the progression towards the life which enhances your life and take you to the next level. The enhancement of the life is always under the control of the probability that it has equal chances at the beginning and you can still contribute and increase the chances towards your victory but can never be certain in your prediction and that is the beauty of the life and that keeps a person in thirst from stagnation. I thank to all the friends who gave me a hope in shifting the probability towards the other end and giving a high hand to the positive end of the probability. I thank all the friends who made the year memorable. They are the people who made me understand that the virtual world is not the world isolated from the real world but rather an interesting way of unveiling the mystery of the real world or the way to unmask the real virtual people.

I haven’t mentioned the name of any friends because if, I miss anyone I may feel bad. And another big reason is I have to give the names of the people who left me too. One thing I want to make clear is that, I am not talking about the girls who dumped me as there isn’t any. Every reader surely knows the reason; I am talking about the friends whom I thought real friends in the so called real world. The people left me with no reason and I have already mentioned about it in one of my old posts in finding the pattern. I haven’t researched the reason why they left me nor I felt grief, whatever I felt was that one of my characters should’ve have made them to go. I don’t blame them for the action and it’s their own right to move on. I felt bad that I am unable to apologize to them for actions which may have hurt them at some point, and through this post I apologize to them.

And now comes my most favourite part of the post. The above mentioned parts are my favourite people because the first part of the people are treasure and the second people are also the same but they are not the treasure of mine and hence moved on. So I am glad to have them in the last year. This third part of people are the ones who are very very good people whom I have met ever(???). They are the people who are said to be my friends and they don’t bother my time ever. They don’t interact with me and they don’t give a damn to me but they are my friends. If they are the people who gave anony requests in Facebook then there is no point in complaining but these are the people whom I have known in so called real life and are they talking in real life life?(No Comments). So if they are not interested in bothering me why should I bear the tag that they are my friends still I don’t want to hurt their feelings. The same way they don’t want to bother me I too want to give them the same relief of not bothering them. I came to know from some of them that they use the social media to show the world that they are alive and someone openly said that it is one of the basic necessity to have a Facebook id so I do have an id. I share things and put comments that interest me like designing a notebook. I saw the same kind of attitude in mobile phone they regularly send forwarded messages but they never respond to the texts nor they revert back the calls. The reply I got (to be true it was published as a status by one of them) was “I hate to text and to call”. Then what is the point in having a mobile? I have to thank Zuckerberg once again to unmask the virtual world in the so called real world. I am not going to  yell at them in a profane language because it is their right to be so but I just writing this out of frustration and unable to understand the logic behind the characters which was evident in the first two cases and I am pleased in the both cases which I am unable to understand  either in the third case just leading me to ignore them in the third case. Ignorance is the only option which I got in the third case and it is the way to move further useful and do your own job.