First Review

The time between the last post and this one a lot of things happened. I completed the book Chankaya’s Chant and watched Perks of being of wall flower, Cloud Atlas, Silver linings playbook, Limitless and the list goes on. This post as usual will be a crap post yelling at a few and this time the prey is X. Now what does Mr. X did? This question has to be answered first. Mr. X did nothing before you conclude that its his personal rights to remain doing nothing, I would also want to add the point that he didn’t let me do either. Here the problem starts, it lead me to a situation that either kill as a hero or live long to see yourself turning villain.

This situation can be explained by a short story. All the characters mentioned below are purely fiction and if the person whose name I have mentioned if exist in real world can come and yell at my wall and my blog( at least then I can get some traffic: Controversies are welcomed).

Its high time that Gopal has to present his first review on the next time. He escaped the Zeroth review by using his usual Jargons and name dropping techniques. He is sure that won’t help him now, as the reviewers knew him very much. He is still haven’t decided the title. As per the rules he has to complete around 25% of the project but he hasn’t decided on the title yet. Tension in his face takes us to the flashback through the drops of the sweat from his forehead( common yaar, imagine as if you are seeing it in a movie, it is innovative or read it as a screenplay J J ). Now Power ranger says (Power ranger is the name of another member in the group and “Power” is not to make fun on my dear Power star) “Machi, company project paathukkalaam da” it means, “Dude, we can check for company Project”. But da are we equipped for that? We are novice and we don’t have any basic knowledge to do anything in any company.

“Machi, Don’t worry about it da. My friends will give the report for us and we can submit it as if we have done our own project. Machi, company project will give more chances of getting job machi.”

“Dei, but for that we have to do company project not just show a company project.”

“Both are the same machi”

“Nee uruppuda maatta”

“So be it. but I want to do something which has my work.”

“machi, project should give us job and we should get marks for it.”

“Yes, for that we need to do an original project developed, inspired from the real world.”

“Machi, nee romba mokka Podatha. Venumna sollu, I will get you a project and we can do it in a week”

“okay da. I am doing the project you say and of course you are going to get our work done and make it simple so why would I oppose”{Mind Voice ---“poi thola da”,}.

“Seri machi, then we can do it and I am going to the company and meet them”

This is the important conversation that took place before a week and nothing happened after that. The day of the review came and all the four stood still without even knowing a clue on what to do, now the so called savior Mr. Power ranger will come to the rescue by saying Power ranger power up and all the team members will change into the coloured costumes and explosion occurs in the back. This has to be the usual scene but(now back to sweat drop) the scene is the power ranger is missing for a while not missing totally but just absent. If he was missing then the team members would’ve been really happy. The Power ranger shows up at last before a few minutes of the trial. (he he Reviews are seen as trials only, only an engineering student or Graduate after 2005 can sense that. strictly not oldies, uncles and aunties). Now the leader Gopal has to take the lead in the scene, instead he takes out the paper and gives to the team mates except power ranger and surprisingly it was a report and it has a title. The jargon technique it seems but for the teammates it was not a jargon. They understood what the hell is going on except Power ranger and a paper which was called as report was given to him too. Now the trial started and from Gopal’s point of view there stood three judges with the wig we used to see in the old Tamil and Engilsh movies and the person with Teuguish accent started the question(you have to imagine the accent, I can’t write it in here).

“Your title has been changed it seems.”

“Yes sir, Actually we had a practical problem of implementing the process in the industry nor in the labs as it failed the feasibility test. The process made us to revise the title and we settled in improvising the title by investigating the feasibilities and possibilities of development in the process and further making the development towards sustained development.”

“Fine,{##Pure jargon once again worked} but if you keep on changing the title i don’t think you can do any project within the given time.”
Another professor who is the father of material science asked the most important question of all, “leave everything I am sure you can do the project well. What is the budget?”

Now I got the confidence that it won’t go back to the old man to torture further so I boldly told, “ it taks around 20.5k sir. We have planned to keep it under control of about 17.5k as the other costs of reports may take around 3k.”

“Okay good, I think that’s it for you”, he replied.

Although I am happy my inner voice asked me to drag power ranger into the scene. Being a sadist I did it too, “sir, actually my teammate power ranger has got few quotations from the company about the process we are doing and even though he haven’t brought it now he can clearly explain the process and T&C of the company.”

This was the twist he never expected and all of a sudden just the explosion of colour powder in the power ranger scence laughter exploded just the minute I dragged his name. Then power ranger started talking except one professor all are trying at their best to control their laugh. He started, “Sir, I went to that company sir. I talked to them sir, they told okay sir and I asked details sir they gave details sir.”
As I dragged him they got back to form and started asking questions like hell and he was answering some crap. I tried to answer few of their questions but they asked me to shut my mouth and he was alone targeted and all the three of us were saved as expected.

After the review I am able to see the anger in his eyes but not only myself but all the others including the professors burst out in laugh on seeing the anger. When they were shooting the questions to him, the scene changed just like the power rangers scene explosions in the behind and various mysterious creatures attacking from all side and the red ranger tackling all by himself and other three rangers being tied. It quenched my frustration, to be frank frustration of the team. 

Now the power ranger wants to prove himself and what he does comes in the sequel.