Industrial Project

This is second part of the Project series to the read the first part click here.

Now the anger in Power ranger’s eye is redder than that of a red ranger. The explosion I expect to take place went down and no answer from power ranger. The days went without any meet regarding the next process. The month being February it was hard to find the power ranger in the school campus. Power ranger can only be seen with Jehovah. After a week or more power ranger talked to Gopal, Power ranger told about his fight with J*A corporation and how he convinced DLF to allow the project for at least one person. Now power ranger got the leverage over Gopal and his teammates. At last power ranger’s eyes are back to normal. The next day they met the guide and what guide says is, “do whatever you want but all I need is a result on the day”.

Now it’s time for all the other teammates to shut their mouth and listen to power ranger. Now Gopal’s mind becomes stale and not thinking. He started getting into the mood and the act in which he is an expert. The art is nothing but the art of procrastination. Gopal also fears the effect he had in the past due to the procrastination. Procrastination may be a general problem but for him it’s a nightmare. The nightmare haunts him every day. The beauty of procrastination is one cannot get out of it until he really wants. Gopal has been invaded by procrastination at various stages and at each stage the effect was bad. But now he feels the effect may be toxic, and don’t want to ruin his entire reputation he gained despite his procrastination. This was a crucial moment for him.

Now he has to fight against it as it is his final chance. At the mean time power ranger smitten by Jehovah is out of money on a trip to OMR. Now he needs the project money to spend and keep Jehovah happy as Feb 14 is approaching. In thinking towards it power ranger meets an accident and loses his bike. Power ranger without a bike is like a power ranger without a morphor. Now it is high time for Gopal to move from procrastination and Power ranger to find money and bike. And then the biggest twist happens, the DLF asks power ranger to join the force as a part time for a week for a grant of 3k. Power ranger wants to keep this a secret and take the whole money himself and want to take revenge on Gopal by delaying the report, but his romance mood over took his revenge saga and hence he forgot the revenge.

Everybody knows his love nest and yet people in his group gave the leverage. His leverage on Gopal made him smile even in the tense situation. Gopal has more to think other than this leverage, now he is dealing with the procrastination and not with the project. The time went too fast that the leverage of power ranger became negligible but the leverage of procrastination became immovable. The fight towards has to dealt with a help of an old friend, but at this time Gopal don’t want to go to an old friend who he wished to say good bye. But once a wise man told there is always a choice. He took the help of a new friend.

To know the new friend you need to wait till the next episode.