Liebster 1

I have been awarded Liebster award for the first time by Kamakshi Suresh. Although i am not much interested in dragging another 11 people, I am obliged to answer her questions. Common don't expect me to post any questions yaar. To anybody and everybody you can ask me hell lot questions i can answer it in here. And one more thing i can also answer in tamil, so questions will be translated and answered in Tamil too on your choice.

1.       What is love according to you?
It is like e^x , it doesn’t change either if it differentiated or integrated unless it's done with respect to y.

2.       What is the one thing you want to change in your life?
Life itself.

3.       How often do you use swear words?
I swear you, I don’t use Swear words at all.

4.       What do you think about my blog? How can I improve? Link
Your blog is nice, improvement ? no idea, I am at a below level.

5.       Who is the one person that you wish to apologise and why?
List is big, but through this I want to apologize to all who don’t read my blog.

6.       What do you think about maggi noodles?
Its Maa ki Noodles, who maggi ho yaa ramen.

7.       What does travelling mean to you? [ as in new places]
It means me everything.

8.       What you think about women?
They think.

9.       Which country do you want to settle down?
Of course France.

10.   Which according to you is the toughest language to learn?
All language until you learn

11.   Name 3 of of your favourite restaurants in Chennai.
No discrimination in terms of food. 


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