Liebster - 2

My second Liebster award has been awarded by my friend Kaushik Govindaswamy. The answers for his questions are below.

1.      Given a chance, what would you transform into?
            Optimus Prime.

      2.     Who inspired you to start blogging?
      I don’t remember who it is, but still searching for the person whom I can inspired me to blogging.

3.      What was your first post about?
     First post was about my experiences with a movie and due to great responses and responsibility I deleted   it. is it still in my blog ? 

4.      Which season do you like and why?
      Ice age- You know the reason for choosing this season.

5.      Which is the naughtiest prank you have ever done? 
       He he , still it’s going on so cant reveal.

6.       Have you understood the purpose of life?
       Is there any? Should there be any?

7.      At which moment of your life, you could feel yourself flying over the clouds?
     While flying in an air plane (Literally).

8.      Can you mention the most stupid tweet you have ever tweeted?
      Hello World.

9.      WHY? (Give any answer that strikes your mind)

10.   Am I crazy?
      No when compared to me. 

11.   What is the significance of the number 11 in this award? :D
      You should ask the person who started it out, may be he had only 11 friends to communicate or may     
      be he had an idea of popularizing the number 11. 


  1. This is AWESOME!! and the answer for ques 7 is the best one!! :D


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