Procrastination, a quality of mine which I thought leaves me nowhere brought me a good state. Laziness is not an act which delays your work rather it gives you some time to think. These are the two big things which I got to know recently from the happenings around me. Usually I rant and rave about the happenings in so called satirical mode in my blog, but my laziness stopped me from doing that and procrastination stopped me doing that, as a result I got some idea of better things to share in my blog. This according to me is a good start. I was giving a serious thought on starting a series of posts on martial arts which I learnt for a while, which I am a bit passionate about, which I adore on screen, which I love to perform off screen within four walls and no one watching (no no, don’t get the idea I am going to beat someone, that would make this an usual parody post).

Then the plan changed into making it as a book and as expected I have not written a word but the hints and the materials are getting ready. After making the book the plan was to promote and share it for free on March 16, 2014 or 2015( it’s the b’day of RMS) Or on November 27 ( it’s b’day of Bruce lee). Even then I fear to say the words “Dedicated this to Bruce Lee” you know why. Then the long procrastination gave me thought of why not share it by chapters rather than a whole book. So I came to the conclusion of writing it as a series blog posts which was previously suggested by my blogger friends (Thanks to all PRABALA PATHIVARS). This series won’t be like a pure martial arts catalogue or a manual but my experiences with martial arts, so essentially a personal diary of martial arts. I don’t want to bore my readers by just telling my sontha kathai and soga kathai (Story of mine) rather make it as my experience with the learning process so that to all martial arts enthusiasts it may amaze them at least for a minute about the philosophy of martial arts. This series I am planning won’t be just restricted with the tournaments and fights but as a whole I try to compile it as a package of a personal style ingrained to a martial artist and he is an artist at the end of the day rather than a fighter.

If I bore you readers at any point, please be free to interact and tell me the weakness and the point which the series is lagging. This is the main point of sharing through blog post as if the series lags at any point I can change the approach which cannot be made in the book. I try my best to present the martial art I saw in my life to the truest and I want this not to become an appraisal rather an individual’s experience.

Yours sincerely


  1. Ena Gopal anne? Martial arts ah! :O Athum unga experience! Super :) :D

  2. After a long time am here on your blog.
    I must say, your writing style has changed and you sound damn like a seasoned blogger.
    this is an awesome post.
    i read it twice and inspired to write on.
    Keep going thambi.

    and certainly, i was NOT bored.

  3. apdiyae un video vum upload pannu da.....

    1. he he , planning to do so. in the upcoming posts.


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