My last movie review came around 3 or 4 months back. I stopped writing about it as I came across more irritating movies than the good movies. Thanks to procrastination for not letting me to rant about those movies. I stayed away from writing about “viswaroopam” for a long as everything has been talked about it. The reason I want to write will be best explained by the reactions to the movie and the political effects of the movie. The whole point of this post can be best explained by the meme below,

"Line in the book: The sky is blue.
English teacher: The author says blue because to tell the mood of the early morning and the clear nature of the colour without the interruption of the clouds which by means explains the distractions in the form of clouds. The clouds are distractions as it covers the sky from its original blue.
The Author really meant: The Sky is fucking blue."

This is the thing happening for the movie. Accidentally I came across a blog explaining the hidden facts in the movie. After that I felt ashamed that I am unable to notice any of that. Even the minute fact that Kamal was trying to do was actually a great thing. The Genius of Kamal can be better understood by the interview of Rahul Bose in the Hindu. It essentially says that even Rahul Bose is not aware of the hidden facts, he told there isn’t any second layer and there is no significance to his one eye. But the poor Rahul Bose is unaware of the genius of Kamal. This proves that the Genius of him, who created the layer and a layer after layer even without the knowledge of the co actors.

People discussed about the accent of the leads and the cries of Kamal as Krishna while the others knew that he is a Muslim. Kamal the only method actor in the world, sorry universe (as you know he is Universal hero and not interested in going to HOLLYWOOD as you may have figured it out from his Oscar hate speech) depicts his ability even in the character in which he is acting as a hindu in the movie. No one ever have method acted the method acting in a movie, this is the first time and only Kamal can do it. The accent of TAMBRAM which is perfect to the T, even a core tambram cannot talk like that. It’s been ages the core people I have seen talk like that exceptions are there and Kamal can clear that too. This is the perfection of the method acting.

Then comes the beautiful part, Selvaraghavan quit the movie because the salary demand was high. Kamal made this movie with several layers, and it is only achievable by Kamal. The movie has lots and lots of Hidden facts (KURIYEEDU) which cannot be accepted by normal philistines. If you people think that this movie is a bag of shit, then please take your own movie, you are paying 120+ rupees just to watch the movie not to comment or spread or even to market the movie. At last the movie was released because the chief minister feared of the plan made by Kamal and Rajini to start a new party if the movie was not released (Ohhhh nooo, this time too Rajni not entering Politics). And due to all the negativity given by the people the people who watched the movie going to VOTE against AMMA as she stopped the movie which is harmless and artistically excellent and creatively energetic.

If Daniel Day Lewis played the role of Ethan Hunt can we say it as an Oscar material or if the Haneke directing “Die another Day” can we say it as Cannes material? As I mentioned the problem with a meme in the first of the post and it is all about the perception.
I would like to borrow a wonderful line written by my friend for an occasion, “The change starts with ‘I’”, Pun intended. 


  1. most different review of vishwaroopam i have read!!cool!!but was there layer behind the one eyed villain thing

  2. Der r many unanswered questions..d cause trying to take those money from his fiance employed company..I too read d Bose interview but it seems that he is not in contact for few months but he told dat 40% of second part is over..its luks wierd

    1. Yes, enna nadakkuthunne avangalukke therla...

      Paavam avare conpuse aitaaru

  3. Good blog but must quite even clear with method acting

    1. Method acting :) :) Wiki says a lot about that da.. check in wiki you can know some basic facts about that. in simple method acting to my knowledge means "living the role".


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