Women's Day

Women’s day is celebrated by colleges this year and my college also doing the same. I am writing this because of the over confident that none of them would read this who were involved(he he trying to bring some controversy for traffic, but no one is involved or poked).

We planned to write a skit depicting kannaki in the modern age and then decided to make it in original tone in a contemporary age. None of that worked as it we were unable to get the actors who can pronounce special “zha” in a perfect manner. The hunt for the script was with me, and I was sure even if the Cauvery water can come to TN but we won’t find the artiste to perform. This made me lethargic in scripting and then I stopped for a while and started other works. But suddenly to my shock a suggestion was given to me that the talking portions be recorded and then the actress can voice over in the stage. My suggestion was that it won’t work as the audience will be near and they can easily identify the voice over. Even if not making our people to sync would be a definitely hardest task.

Then the idea of making the script turned over and I wished to spray my style all over it so that no one can allow this script to be screened. Then in the meantime a guy came with a poem to be read on that day. The theme of the poem was “AMMA” so I was expecting some specialties and praise of the mother, whom he loves and whom he admires. My inner mind is a devil which wished to convert it into a poem about AMMA rather than mother and with a lot of pun intended so that praising AMMA in front of Thalaivar’s group. But to a shocking twist in the tale, the poem was about AMMA not mother, and even I wouldn’t have imagined in that way. The beauty is that the college has given their approval to read poem. I am stunned and totally awestricken by the poem and it was a hit in my head. There are competiton for Hussaini and Kishore Kswamy and I am not even in the race.

Then he also wrote another poem about the Emancipation des femmes, in English of course. I used this word because to show that I know the French word for female empowerment (thanks to google). It was the title I chose for the function, which was rejected as they felt French was not attractive (they must watch fellini for sure). The poem was an irony, felt like written by a MCP. I learnt the most important lesson to stay mum when you find idiots being praised and by god’s grace few people able to understand the poem and then toned down. After that it looked like the Female Empowerment Poem. Then I found it is easy to script few things than to listen to things like that, but being a person who believes in the fact that “the best way is the hard way” I chose the latter. I stayed mum to all these stupidity.

Even a script in Tamil was made as complex as possible rather than making a simple beautiful one. Then I remembered the quote of a vice man about the surrealism, magical realism and existentialism. The script in Tamil was Surrealism as it sounded nice without any meaning and lots and lots of confusions with the combination of traction. It is also magical realism as the script made people in there to believe that the words are true, and it is existentialism because you know the reason. The reason is nothing but what I have written in the above paragraphs.

By this way the preparation for the women’s day went away and the second post of it will be the happenings on that day.