This is the last week going to spend in college nagging the professors for their precious signature in the project reports which were record note books in previous three years. In the whole engineering life as usual I felt irritating at the beginning and liked as the days passed on (Stockholm Syndrome). Towards the end of the journey of engineering, I wish to share few things which remind me about the engineering for the rest of my life. As a mechanical engineer there are some terms that keep lingering in the mind. The first and foremost word is “Assume”.

Mechanical stream has lot of problems. Not only the general problems we face in life but the mathematical problems and the problematic subjects. These problematic subjects have the problems which is the greatest problem for us to tackle. In most the problems we need to assume some datas in order to travel in the righteous path to get the answer. I said righteous path as the path leads to the salvation of getting the KEY. The Key answer sometimes makes sense and other time doesn’t make any sense at all. So the salvation path to reach the Key is assumption of the data. The right assumption leads to the salvation path and the wrong assumption leads to the Hell.

Now one may wonder why I am using the word salvation to mention the right answer which is just a simple one. The Anna university results are something which cannot be taken as just an exam results. Even in school board exams all the students will be pretty sure of the marks they will score and their expectation will be fair, but in the case of Anna University it is entirely different. You cannot guess the result, even Sherlock Holmes can’t predict, deduce or Find the result. The results are always like Abbas – Mustan movies, they have unthinkable twists but everyone knows that there will be twist pe twist. So the result without an arrear, completing the course without any backlog is not an easy task, although people have tried to find as much of patterns in the exams no is near to deduce the pattern of the results. This made me to say the results as Salvation and it is worth mentioning it in that way.

So now back to the term “assume”, what it does really other than helping in the righteous path leading to the salvation or simply passing the exams. Assumption in the initial stage was just a step to attain the required answer and later it changed the entire thinking of all the problems. Now let as assume that we have a problems and we have ‘n’ number of variables and has been asked to find ‘X’. To find X we need n+1 variables and the one variable which is not mentioned has to be assumed, this is how the assumption started. Then the assumption reached the second stage that we have n and we need to find X, so assume Y so that we don’t even need n no. of variables and few variables can be left unused. The second way of assumption saves you a lot of time. Now comes the third and the most important assumption category. We have n variables and we need to find X, instead of assuming Y, assume X and change the variables from n to n – 1 and bring in the term Y which is also an assumption. This method of assumption may sound similar like the second one but the point is enigma, you should never allow the person who corrects your paper to know that you assumed anything at all. This assumption has to be shown as the given data. Just like Roger Kint says, “The Greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”.

So the power of the word assumption is best known to the Mechanical engineers in tackling the problematic problematic subjects. The assumption creates a reality distortion field in the real world which may not work for everybody just like the righteous path to the salvation. The righteous path in reality is different from the assumed righteous path which may not lead to the salvation. But in the assumed world the salvation itself can change. 


  1. By reading this, I can only understand one thing. You must do your MBA and sit on a manager's desk. Probably in a manufacturing unit. You have the prowess of saying something interesting and difficult in a way that only Mechanical engineers understand. I am gonna re-read and may be comment again :-).

    1. Ha Ha... Thank you very much, I take it as a compliment. Ella Pugazhum Anna university ke...

  2. enaku antha n, n+1,X,Y problem ipa varaikum puuriyavae ila... may be im still weak in maths.:(


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