This is the second post I am writing in continuous with the previous post of “Assume”. This is the second best word I learnt during my college days. In these four years there is one word that made me wonder is “Revaluation”. We write exams, we fail and later we pay 400 or 700 and we pray to god or roll the dice and we get pass mark TADA…. This is the whole story of revaluation. Why it is so important to mention as a post? Is it that big thing?

First of all as I mentioned in my previous post we assume the data and write the stories. One of the big assumptions is that, if we fill the 43 pages then passing in the subject is assured. This big assumption brings drastic changes in the result. The fact is there is no pattern in the results, if you have written your subject very well then there is 70% chance that you may fail in that subject and just because you have written well you need a savior to change the fate comes the “Revaluation”. You need to pay 400 INR if you want to roll the dice or you need to pay 700 INR to make sure the dice is rolled properly (it means you will get a paper copy). This is how the process works.

Now the beauty of the revaluation is you are paying for someone’s mistake and paying more to make sure that this time also the mistake is not repeated. Furthermore there is a post revaluation process called “Review” where you challenge the University by paying 3000 bucks that they have done mistake yet again. If you win you will get back your 3000 bucks else it belongs to the company (I am sorry, to the university). So why are paying for other’s mistake. People like me think twice for paying the necessary, while I have to pay for the unnecessary. It makes a jerk out of all the students. You write exam, we correct and we make mistakes, you pay to re check and we may make more mistake and we go away and you are still a nut. At the end of the day, I heard that the revaluation fee is running the university. So the company is running based on the process of Revaluation.

Is this process is rectified over time? Are the mistake doers punished or warned or any action is taken against them? He he he he….. who did the mistake, it’s the students who wrote the exam in a way that the examiners and evaluators are unable to give what is due in the first attempt and so the student has to develop himself in a way that he has to present the answers in a way that the evaluators should give the due marks in the first attempt of correction and the revaluation is the chance given to the student to get them corrected in the more keener manner.

This taught me a greatest lesson me ever, how to make a mistake and show people that you have done a wonderful job and been showing a great empathy and sympathy towards others. This makes the students not only foolish but the biggest jerk. But if concluded this post here then I didn’t justify the student’s side at all. We the students are nothing less than what they are. We have cleared the papers which we are not supposed to clear at all. We have even cleared few papers by knowing the subject, but the rest we cleared by presenting them what they expect. They are not creating engineers; they are producing future writers, future directors and future actors. This revaluation helps the students to believe in their creativity and gives people to read their story once again. Hail Anna university for their contribution to the literature world. 


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