TANTRA - Book Review

What will happen if the Mission impossible team fights against super natural? This is sort of a single line expression I got after reading the book Tantra by Adi. The story of the Tantra is a vampire hunter or the guardian named Anu Aggarwal comes to Delhi India in sole reason of avenging the murder of her precious Brian. What she sees in the India was totally different from that of what she did in US. Then later she finds that the vampire she fights first is a able competitor and the further events leading to the involvement of black magic called Tantrics and then the story takes the pace. Did she took her revenge? Did she able to overcome the tantrics and save the world? And the story’s journey goes in that way.

First of all the pace of the book is awesome. You never feel bored, right from her relationship problems to her professional expertise all the details are explained along the story not in the form of an essay which gives the reader to want more to explore feeling. The thriller is really worth reading and the blend of the modern culture and contemporary world with fantasy along with the religion, spirituality and the ancient techniques of tantrics. This book for sure won’t take you more than three days to read at maximum due to its pace. The beauty of the book lies in its characterization of the lead lady and the place of the happening. A super heroine story in India itself is amazing, that too in the Capital city even after so much hearing about the city due to the recent events. In some places where Anu tackles her aunt is something I enjoyed personally. The preparation to the battle is well paced and the suspense is built up very brilliantly and I can say for sure that Adi has the flair in the genre of thriller. In this juncture I had to congratulate the author for making the job to the T and the output can be described as near perfect.

Although the book had its great set of Pro’s to its credit, I felt like watching a Mission Impossible movie. I cannot say it as a con but it gave me a feel of that series, not only the story but more of the terms Field agents, Operatives etc. At first it took me a while to figure out what is exactly the shift, but as the story progressed the term made more interpretation and at one point whenever the word shift came I was doing something in the name shift to myself. But unfortunately (Of Course) no healing or improvement happened to me. This is the victory of the author. So we can now say that we too got a Super Heroine.
Ethan hunt’s adventures are countered by Evelyn Salt, now Vampire hunters’ adventures are countered by Anu Aggarwal. I strongly recommend this book to all those thriller fans. This book is not a yet another thriller book, it has its own values of tradition and flavour of India mingled with the Hollywoodish Pace.


  1. Awesome review ! makes me want to read this book :)

    Keep smiling,

  2. Tantra??
    Hope it is not another Arundhadhi / Magadheera / Harry Potter series...
    After Vaijainthi IPS, 3 Roses, etc. I am a little scared of Super Heroine concept ;-)

    1. Kitta thatta athu maathiri thaan, mothal row maathiri, rendavathu row la sonna etha pathiyum pesa virumbala.


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