Recently I came upon with few of my fellow friends exploring their ancestry. Some of them (to be frank) all of them are proud of it. They poured out their pride that their ancestors did that, did this and so called blah blab blah. I am happy that people are exploring their ancestry and in that manner they are learning the history, but the only thing that worries me is the source. In a recent show Actor Kamal Hassan told about the same. We are not teaching the real history, what we are showcasing is the censored one. Most of the facts are we hear and learn is a partial view point rather than a fact. This may look like a negligible thing about digging the past but, the truth entirely changes the view point of the future generation. This act is a small thing which moves us towards a more rational way. Today, most discriminators call themselves as rationalists, not only the rationalists but the saviors of the rationalism. This is nothing different from people call themselves as “The Messiah”. I am not sure whether I am deviating from my primary content, but rather I am trying to spit out all that comes in my mind. I want the readers to decide themselves what the hell this is all about.

I have no grudge on god believers, atheists, rationalists or any sect or form of people (Simple step to avoid 66A). What I am trying to convey is that as history we are learning the exaggerated partial view point of a fact and we need to learn the facts rather than former. This is not an ignoring matter, once we knew what our ancestors were and what we are now then there will be a way open to think rational. We get sentimental on learning the history and unable to digest the truth and hence we simply ignore the fact. Simple version of telling this is we take this too personal. We have to understand the fact that just because our ancestors are good that doesn’t make us good, if they bad don’t make us bad either. Education is the only way of making one rational and accepts the facts. Hatred towards ancestors doesn’t make you different from them. If you hate the system then don’t just yell at it but rather get away from it or change it by becoming a part in the top position with power to change.

We think that just by talking we can change the world; yes it is possible in few ways. But all ways it is not the same case. Just like Joker says in Dark Knight, “Madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” This is the way we people are manipulated by many jokers. The people who tells all these stuff fills their pockets by this little push. Deep down we are still ugly is their motto. But the reality is, “It’s not who you are underneath, what you do defines you.”