In one of my previous posts I was telling how Hollywood brought down an actor into a star. In this post I want to share the same kind of thing. After the massive hit of the BBC series Sherlock which is a modern day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes eventually Hollywood caught an eye. Both the season of Sherlock was awesome and now Hollywood comes with the series “Elementary”. Here Johnny Lee Miller plays a drug addict under rehabilitation, a former Scotland yard consultant and now a NYPD consultant named Sherlock Holmes. Lucy Liu plays Dr. Joan Watson (no no, not John its joan. Is there anything bigger than facepalm?) a disgraced surgeon and now a sober companion later turns into associate of the consultant.

Hollywood surprises you with twists and turns (or it thinks so). Here as said above the Sherlock holmes is a drug addict trying to become sober and Joan (Not john, this itself is embarrassing and Lucy liu is okay not much embarrassing). Of course as said it is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes, there is also Irene adler, Sebastian Moran and Moriarity. I still have a doubt that just because they are making a version of Sherlock they added these names I hope. This series made my belief more firm that Hollywood makes cash out of everything possible and the ruin the name of the original (or increase the value for the original). Till now no spoilers and from now on there will be only spoilers and spoilers so if you don’t want read further it means that you are wishing to watch the series. Good luck with that.

Now the series portrays Sherlock as a miserable character. I don’t feel the genius rather pity on watching him. Joan Watson, which itself indigestible and Lucy liu adds some acidity to it. basically the story is Sherlock becomes drug addict because he lost his girlfriend Irene Adler and she is murdered by Moriarity. Later it is revealed that Irene is alive and she is the Moriarity. This is the twistuuu in the screenplay. To say this short story they took 24 episodes each constitutes 45 minutes approximately. Each episode right from the beginning is made of same template. First a crime scene, then Sherlock enters and explain things, then culprit identified and interrogated and wait there is more that’s not it, more crime and Sherlock explains more and culprit may be the same with more crime or another culprit included and after all that a last scene with Watson and Sherlock small moments. Irene introduction which can be done by a single episode takes more than ten I hope, and then bringing in the character Moriarity character as a mysterious M and bringing back in climax to conclude the season was just a reason that Sherlock needs Moriarity to finish the season. I found it too dramatic and compelled inclusion of the names Moriarity and Moran.

I wouldn’t have written this post if they named it as yet another crime series. The Sherlock holmes irks me to write about it. To be frank this makes me to watch Sherlock once again. The Hollywood repeated itself with this series just like it did to Millennium trilogy, Last air bender and so on.

Verdict : Sherlock paavam, Watson paavam, Moriarity paavam, Irene adler paavam and above all Sir Arthur Conan Doyle romba paavam. 


  1. //and above all Sir Arthur Conan Doyle romba paavam// summarises everything... ;-)


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