Star Trek Into Darkness

Star trek : Into darkness – This movie is a sequel to the Star Trek (2009). The 2009 movie is the reboot of the Star trek franchise in silver screen which was considered to be dead (Appadi thaan en kitta sonnainga). The reboot gave a new hope to the trekkies and the teaser and poster increased the hope exponentially. You might find the above lines in any review of this movie. I am not a trekkie (and I call myself a movie buff), never seen a series, a movie. My first Star trek movie was the 2009 movie that too for Simon Pegg (I am able to sense the facepalm of the readers). The movie was fun, I had no prior or post knowledge about the franchise. Later after hearing about the sequel announcement of the movie I was excited for two reasons, the second reason being the same cast, crew and the first being the name “Benedict Cumberbatch”. First there was a speculation that he is playing Khan, then official announcement came that he is playing John Harrison and neither name I am aware of. Still the thing which excited me is Cumberbatch playing the Lead antagonist and he has a significant, prominent, eminent and blah blab blah role. The posters were revealed and in all of it had Cumberbatch. Many posters had only Cumberbatch.  The movie was taken away from trekkies and Cumberbatchers like me took hold of the movie and expected a lot. Even they advertised it to be a standalone movie so that no condition that you should be a trekkie to enjoy it. it was great encouragement for Cumberbatchers.

I got tickets for the movie on the second weekend as exams were there during the opening week (Naan Padikkura Paiyyan). The movie started with same template as in 2009 movie and even went on for a while like the same and now they show the glimpse of Cumberbatch and I tried to whistle but you know PVR cinemas, they throw out if you whistle and I don’t want to waste 120 in that way. The movie was fast paced, regular witty dialogues of Kirk, spock, scotty, bones. And now they give big build up to Cumberbatch, and then Kirk goes to Klingon planet. Cumberbatch fights and surrenders and in a scene he acts (that’s impressive truly) and then action scenes. Then the final fight, few action scenes and a fight. The movie is finished like whoompf. So what did I watched?

I felt like I was promised a Magnum and was given a choco bar. It may look like both are the same, but only the people who tasted the both can understand the difference. To add fuel to the fire the tweet by Anurag Kashyap saying, “Benedict Cumberbatch… The wrath of Khan”. Hollywood have the power to change the actor into a star. They have succeeded in that Cumberbatch’s case. Now it’s his turn to bring out the actor back. I am hoping for the actor to return in Fifth estate and as a Sherlock once again. I didn’t complain that the movie was bad, but not what I expected not what they told. It is different and nice too but not what I asked for, so should I be satisfied?


  1. Cumberbatchers - Sounds ... weird! :P Nice post.


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