Chapter 6 - The Vengeance Prevails

Although I wish to put my anger within the bout my opponents don’t want to do so. The talks are all over that there is a rivalry between myself and Raghav and of course his coach Eeshwar. And at last Sherlock has found his Moriarity and a Sebastian Moran(or people around him decided so). After the Chennai match, I had a few state level matches and I never got the chance to meet Sebastian Moran, but I am pretty aware that Moriarity is watching me. I try avoided eye contact with Sensei Eeshwar. But fate brought us together along with Raghav. Next opportunity came to me in terms of an international match. I have to travel to Sri lanka as our senseis made some MoS with the Lankan senseis they wanted to conduct an International tournament and they invited two participants from our style. So they conducted a selection process and in the top ten names my name popped in too along with Raghav. They conducted a selection match to reduce the ten to five and within the five Raghav got selected for his outstanding performance and consistency and other four has to fight for the single place available. Unfortunately I won the matches and I got selected for the other place. Now when comes to the travelling part, I didn’t face the problem of Moriarity(sorry sensei Eeshwar) as he is not travelling with me. The plan is that two senior most authorities of our group are travelling with two students. Sherlock and Sebastian Moran has to be on the same team for the first time. Shihan Prakash and Sensei Moovendhan travelled with us and we both players bore the cost for them too.

First we reached the Trichy airport and then from there we travelled to Colombo the capital city of sri lanka. There sensei Virat Saman Kumara and Manoj Unantenna received us and took the place where the tournament going to be held. From there we had a three or more hours drive to Gampola. We had a day for warming up and my only companion to practice is Raghav. Now I felt that he won’t have any repulsion against me as now we belong to the same team now. But as I expected I am wrong this time, his vengeance was evident in the practice sessions and we never exchanged a word during that time. Our Shihan was busy in practicing Kata for his open battle. I felt a bit awkward on staring the opponent in practice session like he is my arch enemy and in words in my mind running “I will skin you, I will burn you” kind of stuffs. So I decided to call of the session and practiced Kata and concentrated on it heavily. The night before the match was the worst night I ever had. During that time there was not even a landline phone facility available in my house and none of coaches carried a phone with them. They all called their respective houses from the public phone there and I informed that I reached there safely through a neighbor’s phone.

The longest night ended at 4 AM itself and I started warming up and I have been informed that I will be having both the Kata and Sparing at the same day. I was keen on Kata and I wanted to shine in sparing too. My previous official fight was a nightmare to me and it still haunted me at that time. I wanted to get out of it, all I felt was that I just played a gentleman’s game but I gave a room for the opponent. Now I have big stage and the fights are big, so I can prove myself big. The match started sharply at 9 AM and my event was scheduled as the third event and it started at 11 AM. The Kata event went as a slice and I won the first place. It was not even difficult as in nationals, by now I have excelled in some major Katas of other styles thanks to my personal coaches. I had to go through 5 rounds and I used 4 different Katas and in the fifth round I performed the same Kata I performed in the first round. All of the four were advanced Katas. After my match it is Raghav’s match and he won first place in Kata and silver in Sparing. I belonged to a different category as they categorized on age basis. Now I have to get at least a third place and that was my aim too. In my bout in order to reach the finals I need to face 8 opponents. It was quite difficult than I expected, totally opposite to that of the Kata. There were Africans, Pakistanis, Korean and Indians of course. I lost at the semifinals. So I need to face another match and win to get the least medal of the third place. As I expected that was the toughest match, the player was a native and support is huge and all the referees were natives. I felt déjà vu, but still I don’t want that nightmare to haunt me at any course. I need to win the match by any means possible so that I can get away from the nightmare.

The bout started and the first round the score was zero on both sides as we both tried to defend ourselves. None of us attacked. Then in the second round suddenly flashed a thought, what am I doing? Am I afraid, have I lost my moxie? What I need to do is to score, not to defend myself any attacks. All of this thought flashed and suddenly I gave a slap in his face and he fell down and the match is over. I have knocked him out and my first international win is a knock out. So I got back my confidence to face another fight. Then we went to Nuvarelia a place near the venue and later it was told that it is like Ooty of Lanka. I always had the problem with the food as the most available food there was non-vegetarian and I am unable to take much. But the victory made is nothing to think of. To be frank the food served later was worst(only to me) but I felt something beyond happiness on eating it.

Others had the privilege of enjoying the non-vegetarian food and I don’t wanted that privilege and a simple bread and Paratha without a side dish sufficed for a whole week. Very later I realized that the maximum wanted it that way. Even after the victory I never exchanged a word with Raghav, even when I try to start a conversation he was stubborn in ignoring me(stubborn as a dwarf). Luckily in the flight I got a seat which was not near to any of my fellow travellers and it was a pleasant experience. The steward was very kind to me, he provided me with a special breakfast and he even gave me some playing cards while my nearby passenger was asleep. It was due to the reason that I travelled alone as a young passenger. Even we had some chat and the steward was very kind enough to fill my stomach with some extra snack. In the whole travel that was the tastiest food I ever had(actually real food as I can’t count breads as food). The saddest part is the short span of the journey. It was only 50 minutes from Colombo to Trichy. From there we took a cab to the home town. I haven’t bought anything for my parents, not for me but the others including Raghav had a bunch of stuffs carrying to home. I had no Photos, not anything apart from the certificate and medals, the only thing that proves me that I have visited Lanka is my passport and as a memorabilia I have the playing cards which has the symbol of Lankan airlines in the back(thanks to steward). Now I felt betrayed, this feel was too bad when compared to the fear I had. The fear of betrayal was the worst thing I ever had at that time. I was too young to make quick moments or comments and later I came to know they bought two bottles of liquor which cost a few thousand bucks here and came to them as a compliment.

Now all the three became a part of the one group and I am alienated. I was at brown belt degree at that time the next step is black belt. After these incidents I detached myself from the group and maintained a low profile and postponed my black belt grading. The money spent for the trip was huge and my Shihan and sensei enjoyed the free trip and profited a lot from the tournament. Still I was unaware of the treaty between the both of bringing a couple of students for their tournaments and making the profit underneath. Although the tournament was genuine, the money was not.