Elementary, My dear Foams

It is the story the greatest of great genius called Farlook Foams. Mr. Foams is a wealthy man and a conscious man on the looks. He always carries a white burning stick called cigar in his mouth. Mr. Foams is from a family which has a bigger history of loving foams. His great grandfather never ever touches the beer without foam while other drinkers remove it he likes the flow of the foam. His grandfather and father are coffee enthusiasts they like the coffee with lots of cream lots of sugar. If the layer of the foam is too small then they eliminate the coffee and they are fans of the good coffee. His brother tiecraft foams have a beautiful ability to tie anything with foam just like the author of this story. Farlook was named as Yetanother Foams, but over the period he developed the habit of loving the foams while brushing and shaving and while looking in far distance one cannot differentiate the foam and hence he was renamed as Farlook Foams.

As said in the above paragraph Farlook has the peculiar habit of bringing more foam while brushing and shaving. While brushing you can see his expertise on all martial arts with his teeth, it is one sword trying to break the 32 men castle and all alligator or magic carpet trying against it. We already knew that Mr. Foams the younger is a Cigar enthusiast and looks enthusiast (not a land or cricket enthusiast luckily). So usage of the cigars made his gums more vulnerable. It may not only be the only reason but some other reason too which is not much aware made it more vulnerable.

The 32 soldiers are unaware that their base is falling weak and still gave a hard fight to the single sword along with the alligator. The base cannot withstand the power of the sword and red liquid is mixed with the foam. Mr. Foams felt a little pain but the colour of red in the foam fascinated him more to fight more. He felt the streaks of red in the white foam charming and hence ignored the message that the base is falling. His work is to train the 32 soldiers along with the alligator to fight against the enemy but the trainer made the training too hard that the base fall down. Still unaware of the situation and the worst to follow Mr. Foams still enjoyed the training and he was addicted to his pseudo artistry and arrogance in the love of foam.

As the days passed his arrogance increased by a scale of 6 to the pain and he thought by more arrogance training towards the soldiers will build the base better and in the stupid process he lost most vulnerable soldiers in the position of Canine. They were really powerful but Mr. Foams the younger hit them right at the blindspot and it made them more vulnerable. The vulnerability has to be taken care by support and treatment not by arrogance.

Mr. Foams ignored the signs of body, thought it another process nothing to worry about. He saw the artistry in the signs and lost the focus on the real meaning of the signs and hence resulted in lack of soldiers. Now Mr. Foams has no soldier in canine position at both ends and there is no one to tear apart the enemy, he has only blunt soldiers in the incisor position to cut down the enemy. And the practice is not sweet as before. Now he became Mr. Farlook Foams because he looks good only by a far look not a close look. His Dentist Dr. Watson advised him that, "Remember the signs, it's elementary my dear Foams".

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